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Coconut Oil for your beauty needs

Coconut oil is one natural beauty and wellness ingredient that all of us know about. Since ages, this famous kitchen staple has been used as an amazing ingredient in food, beauty and therapeutic products across all cultures across the world. At places, its benefits are reaped by using it as a medium of cooking, while at some places skin and hairs are externally nourished with this type of oil.
Coconut oil is obtained from the kernel of coconut palm tree. There are many ways of extraction and each process gives out oils that differ in nutrient content and benefits. The least refined is virgin coconut oil. The other varieties are cold pressed coconut oil, refined coconut oil etc. It is very rich in medium chain fatty acids. It also contains Vitamin E and is rich in saturated fats. This terrific combination makes it not only a beauty wand but also a healthy super food.

Soothing skin

Must sound strange that how can oil behave as a soothing ingredient, when oil is known to be the major culprit behind acne. Coconut oil has anti inflammatory effects because of which it prevents pimples (surprising!) and skin irritation instead of clogging the pores. It has been seen to work on bacteria, fungus, and even yeast, thus preventing many skin problems.


Coconut oil is a great skin moisturizer because it is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. It also gets absorbed deep into the skin and softens it. It exfoliates the skin by clearing off dead skin cells and clearing skin impurities. It is light in nature and hence a great moisturizer for the body as well.


Massage face every night with virgin coconut oil after cleaning your face and see the magic happen! This oil heals skin, builds up the collagen and thus removes scars, cut marks and spots on the skin. Being rich in Vitamin E, it is also a great antioxidant.

Coconut oil is an effective way to remove scars, naturally

Coconut oil helps in removing scars


As a makeup remover

Oil is a great solvent for makeup. But as compared to mineral oils that aren’t plant derivatives and are comedogenic, coconut oil leaves skin soft and nourished. That’s why it acts as a great makeup remover. It’s a cheap and healthier alternative to cosmetic makeup remover. Few drops of Jojoba oil added to it will enhance its properties as a makeup remover. Jojoba oil is the nature’s closest oil to skin sebum. That’s why it dissolves all the makeup in the skin.


Being rich n Vitamin E, this oil delays aging by destroying the free radicals that damage the skin collagen. It moisturizes skin deeply and that also has an anti-ageing effect because wrinkles appear on dry skin quite early as compared to oily skin.


It clears skin and removes sun burn and sun tan. Thus, it makes the skin brighter and fairer.

Stretch marks

Because coconut oil helps collagen building and collagen cross linking, it helps a lot in reducing stretch marks. Not just that, it also prevents stretch marks. Using it as body oil daily will gradually fade away the stretch marks on different parts of the body.

A cleanser

Based on the principle of like dissolves like, oil cleansing method is the best method to cleanse any type of skin. The best oil to do it with is coconut oil as it penetrates most deeply into the skin. The method is simple- check out our article on oil cleansing method.

Coconut oil acts as a great skin cleanser

Coconut oil as a skin cleanser

Coconut oil is a blessing of nature. It can be suited in multiple ways for the benefit of skin, yet each way is so simple. To reap off the amazing benefits, proper choice of coconut is equally important. Virgin coconut oil suits skin the best and are most nutrient rich!
But there are many more benefits of the same that you must not have tapped yet out of unawareness.
So what happens to your skin when you use coconut oil?

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