Wellness Therapies

Types of Spa and Spa treatments

SPA: The word ‘Spa’ is a Latin word that means therapy through water. It originally referred to a location where mineral-rich spring water was used to give mineral baths for reaping its curative benefits. But presently Spa also signifies therapies that don’t necessarily involve water. Spa treatment today means settings/places where one goes to receive therapies like:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Body wraps or Mud bath
  • Bathing
  • Sauna
  • Waxing
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Massage

1) Aromatherapy



Based on the usage of oils from flowers, bark, leaves, stems or roots etc., aroma therapy improves both physical and psychological well being. There are three common modes of application of the therapeutic essential oils to the body: Direct inhalation to treat congestion and affects psychologically, Aerial diffusion for the fragrance of the surrounding and Topical Application for usage in massages, baths and other external applications.

2. Body Wraps

The currently trending spa therapy is that of body wrap or mud wrap. The entire body is first covered in a layer of mud and then with a bandage. This covering causes a lot of perspiration, thus clearing the body of its toxins and temporarily reducing weight. It also firms the skin, reduces inflammation and relaxes the muscles. Profuse sweating can create an imbalance of water and electrolytes in the body that can be dangerous for few people.

3. Spa baths

Bathing in itself has a lot of diversification further. Spa bath can be provided in any of the following: Hot tub, sauna, hot spring, artificial waterfall.
The best spa bath can still be taken at home. It detoxifies your skin and boosts your immunity other than providing the soothing effect. Some DIY spa bath recipes are mentioned below;

  • Mix mustard seed powder to your bath. Also add few drops of thyme, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil to it.
  • Add slices of lemon to two cans of beer and pour it in your bath water. Soak your body in it to get rid of fungal infections and balance the pH of your skin.
  • Scrub your body using any salt scrub and soak it in warm water. Add drops of vanilla, lavender, rosemary or black pepper oil to it. Let the oil get absorbed by your body from the bath. Follow with a cold shower to invigorate your senses.

4. Massage

Massage is a science to explore in itself. To learn more about massage therapies, visit our article:

5. Nail Care

Spas are also about manicures and pedicures. Technically, there isn’t much difference between a nail salon and nail spa. You get a manicure and pedicure done in the same way at both the places. The major difference that may exist would be that you receive more pampering at a spa. Relaxing hand and feet massages are better and longer at a Spa. The ambiance may vary as well.


A room or a building designed to experience heat sessions is what is called a Sauna. The session may be dry or wet. The perspiration caused due to heat detoxifies the body and enhances blood circulation. It aids weight loss, soothes muscles and relaxes sore muscles post workout. The session lasts for around 30 minutes. Modern spas provide heating through infra red rays.


1. Day spa

Day spa

Day Spa

A day spa is more inclined towards beauty rather than only therapeutic properties. It is more like a salon where you get a massage, facial, hair services, microdermabrasion, foot massage, ear candling, aromatherapy. But a spa has few additional service provision like Sauna, Steam room etc.

2. Destination Spa

Destination Spas are resorts established at Spas that provide all kinds of Spa treatments. The treatments are aided by wellness education, fitness classes, healthy cuisine, physical fitness activities and other interesting programs to completely engage you in health and wellness. Accommodation is provided and it typically lasts for up to 7 days.


A town that has a natural mineral water spring is called a Spa town. People take waters from these places to use it for Spa at home or the Spa salons. It is more popular and ubiquitous in the west.
1. Hot Stone Spa
A popular form of Spa in Japan, Hot stone Spa or gan-an’ Oku originally originated in Thailand. Stones as large as our bodies are heated and clothed bathers lie on it. The heat gradually heats the body up and detoxifies it. It improves blood circulation and is very good for skin.  To know more on hot stone spa, please click here.
Spas are quite ubiquitous these days. They are an amazing amalgamation of recreation, health and relaxation. Also, destination Spas are a good vacation for you! Though not many people opt for it because they may not be aware about it, but they are truly good for occasional as well as frequent indulgences.