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Check out these 5 perfumes for sensitive skin!

Have you been trying different perfumes and have ended up frustrated and irritated? Have you started putting your favorite perfume on clothes rather than the skin?
However, if you are allergic to your favorite perfume then you might not have to say goodbye to all of them. The market is flooded with perfumes out there for those with sensitive skin. Here is a list of those which you can apply on your sensitive skin, without having any irritation. We guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience.

1.California Star Jasmine Pacifica

Comprising of white floral, citrus, woods, marine and animalic, this perfume has a  sunny and earthy scent.It is available as a 35 ml perfume spray, 12ml mini. roll-on, solid perfume, and body butter. This is light on the skin causing no irritation.

2.Monoi de Tahiti Yves Rocher

Launched in 2010, this perfume smells of a combination of white floral, coconut, sweet, fruity and animalic.It is a very nice choice for people with sensitive skin. A major advantage it has is that it is alcohol-free. It is available in bottles of 125ml. It is long lasting, gentle, hydrating and refreshing.

3.Lavanila – the healthy fragrance roller-ball -pure vanilla

Made from the finest essential oils and Madagascar vanilla, this perfume creates a pampering feeling. Each natural fragrance is infused with antioxidant, goji berry and Kakadu plum.It delivers 30 essential vitamins and minerals. It has a strong and long-lasting fragrance consisting of vanilla beans. 

4.Juara Candlenut Perfume oil

This adorable perfume comes in a wonderfully attractive package. Its size makes it perfect to carry while traveling. Even a small dab of it goes a long way. Made of vegetable oil and parfum, this perfume is ideal for all skin types.It’s scent is reminiscent of an exotic Indonesian bouquet with notes of lush greens, freesia, white jasmine, bergamot, and rose.

5.Ursa Major – Willoughby all-natural cologne

This perfume is both for men and women.It combines the aroma of deep woods with bright citrus, subtle spice and undertones of mint, ginger and bergamot.It is made from fourteen natural essential oil that create a subtle scent than a synthetic fragrance.It is gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free and made without any petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens.
We hope you liked our list of carefully chosen scents for those with delicate skin Do try some on this list and let us know what you experience is!

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