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5 things to consider while having your protein shake

Protein shakes were in some days a luxury to those working intensely.This was the domain of the bodybuilders and the serious athletes.With the awareness that has spread to the common man, it’s now part of the daily intake of an average gym goer. However, should you know that all good things, when not used the way they were intended to function lead to harm.
Protein has a nature of healing and repairing the muscle, blood, bone, and cartilage of the body.Along with this, it helps to build muscles and it is this reason that it forms the diet of those wishing to see strong muscles and fit bodies.The protein present in a protein shake could come be derived from whey, soy, and casein and is packed with vitamin and minerals for additional benefits.
To get the benefits of a protein shake to the maximum, read through the following points.

1.Consume it immediately after workout

There is a lot of confusion as to when to take protein.Some could say take it before, some say anytime later.The time you take protein has a significant role for you to achieve what it intends to do.The body needs to have it just when it requires.Any other time and you could be giving your body a lot of work to do.The best time for you to take protein is just after you have finished lifting and repping.Protein takes 30 minutes to be broken down by the body to reach the muscles.Consuming it immediately after a workout is the best time the body could absorb it to first repair the fatigued muscles and then build more.

2.Sit and consume protein, you get nothing

Intense work out fatigues and breaks down the muscles of the body.And this is the fact which is manipulated by the body supplement industry because under such a condition it is the protein which sets a cellular reaction that helps heal muscles and relieve bodily stress.So if you are thinking that it’s protein alone which does wonders when you need to start working out.

3.Maybe it’s not the meals you can skip

Following an iteration of exercise and a protein? Shake alone is not gonna help you achieve your desired fitness.Protein shakes give you protein and some vitamins and nutrients.They can even be clubbed with creatine and put in cereal bars but they can’t replace meals.Meals provide those nutrients which help facilitate body functioning.For best results protein shakes should be consumed alongside meals.

4.More the protein and you go fat

We require on an average 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight.This fulfills the demands of the body to function in general.However, in cases of exercise, workout, athletics, and bodybuilding, there is an increase in the requirement of protein.This varies according to the weight, height and fitness level.On average this demand is 1.2 grams per kg of body weight.With an increase in the fitness regime, the intake of protein should be increased.Eating the diet of a professional bodybuilder too early can make you fat.

5.Does your shake really have protein

You go and search the market and you could find protein shakes not burning a  hole in your pocket. Will these really give the results they claim?No.There are a lot of fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved products which you should not be even looking at.Always check for the genuine nature of the brand by testing the logo and the seal. Every product has a unique identification number which should be scanned for its originality. An authentic protein mixes uniformly with water leaving no residue.A good protein shake is not found below 2,500Rs/kg.
An authentic protein from a genuine brand consumed in appropriate amounts and at the right time should be enough to help you reach a fit and strong body.

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