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Ayurvedic Tips for Immunity: Preventive Healthcare

Boost immunity, Ayurveda, Preventive Healthcare

Nowadays, we are hearing a lot about the deadly Coronavirus disease, like how instantly it is spreading all over the world, what are its symptoms, what can be done to prevent it and how you can keep yourself safe from Coronavirus. On one hand, where suggestions are being poured to boost your body immunity, the medical researchers are working tirelessly to find the possible cure via using preventive healthcare system. The intensity of the spread of both the disease and its news is so high that most people have started panicking. Panicking is making them do things that are of no benefit for them as well as their fellow citizens. People must understand that there is no use of panic buying, i.e., stockpiling goods like hand sanitizer, canned foods and toilet paper, rather they should take some preventive measures to keep themselves safe from the virus. 

Ayurveda is all about preventive healthcare and by following these steps we can boost our body immunity. This is the right time to return back to our roots and follow measures that help us remain healthy and safe during this pandemic. If you have a strong immune system then you improve your chances of contracting the disease. Therefore, boosting your immunity through preventive healthcare is the best way to keep yourself safe from any kind of viral & bacterial attack.

How Ayurveda can help you to boost your body immunity?

As more and more people are rushing to keep themselves protected, Ayurveda suggests the use of medicinal herbs such as amla, Giloy, Tulsi, vekhanda and neem are beneficial in bolstering the immune system which is crucial for fighting the deadly virus during any pandemic. Acharya Charaka has elaborated this in details in his Charaka Samhita in Janpodadwansa chapter.

Ayurvedic experts suggest that medicinal herbs can help bolster immunity

Sanitizing hands

If you are going out for your work during this pandemic please don’t forget to frequently clean your hands with a sanitizer or wash them with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Haldi decoction is also known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects.

Make a decoction using Turmeric to sanitize

Nasyam: To better manage nasal health

Ayurveda recommends ‘Nasya’ a therapeutic treatment for the nose by putting 2-3 drops of medicated oil or normal ghee in each nostril and sniffing it. This will lubricate the nasal passage and throat and bolster the inner mucus membrane to keep away foreign bodies. Thus this preventive healthcare method can help you to protect from the entry of bacteria/viruses into your lungs and it also feels relaxed and de-stressed.

Oiling and cleansing of the nasal cavity can build immunity, and strengthen the nasal region

Using dhoopan to purify the air

Various acharyas like Acharya Charaka have mentioned in their respective samhitas the use of dhoopan & dhoompan during an epidemic/pandemic (JAPADODWANSA). You have to use angare ( amber) to create medicated smoke. Combination of nimba, vekhanda, kapoor, triphala & tejpatra for this will help to detoxify the environment in your home. Make sure every member of your family should be present while doing dhoopan procedure. You have to repeat this procedure 1-2 times a day. It will not only help purify the air by killing the impurities but would also help to ease out the anxiety and stress.

Dhoopan to kill the impurities

Building body immunity through diet

Maintaining a healthy diet can help strengthen your immunity; try including food items like cheese, yoghurt and sauerkraut in your diet support the gut microbial immunity, or black pepper, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger, oranges,  broccoli, sprouts, lemons, etc. that are proven to strengthen your immune system. Avoid the intake of cold drinks, cold storage foods and junk food during the time of quarantine, as they require comparatively increased physical activity for digestion. Also, avoid fried foods, rather enjoy sweet root vegetables, broths and soups. At best, it will help you lose your weight as well.

Yoga a means to boost your body immunity

Practising deep breathing exercises at your home can also keep your respiratory system healthy. Yoga postures such as Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) or Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand), etc. increase the circulation of the lymph and drain the germs from your body. Sukhasana and Pranayama also strengthen your immunity which plays a vital role in fighting any kind of viral or bacterial attack. These Yoga asanas can play an important role in your efforts to keep yourself safe from coronavirus.

Lemon and honey tea

Drinking lemon and honey tea helps relieve sore throat and removes the infection from the human body.  One should add lemon & honey in black tea after serving it into the cup. Never boil honey with water, you need to add honey in boiled water once it gets settled. Similarly, mint tea stops the runny nose and helps in easy breathing. Also, having tulsi or basil tea can help cure sore throat issues, and help boost immunity through preventive healthcare.

Adding basil to your diet can keep you safe from any infection


Chyawanprash is a unique Rasayana made up of 52 unique herbs to boost your immunity and support other body functions as well. Eating a tablespoon of Chyawanprash daily enhances immunity and it will help prevent the attack of any bacteria & virus. Vitamin C is the main component of Chyawanprash & with regular intake of this will help to increase your immunity. Eating of a single amala a day will also help to boost immunity.

Using Giloy, Ashwagandha, and Tulsi

According to Yoga Guru Ramdev, Giloy, Ashwagandha, and Tulsi can be helpful in fighting Coronavirus. Drinking ‘kadha’ (decoction) of Giloy and Tulsi with black pepper, turmeric and ginger will boost immunity and kill viruses. Take 1 litre of water, add 10 – 10 grams of Giloy & Tulsi churna & boil it to make a decoction of 500 ml. Add a pinch of black pepper, turmeric powder & ginger into it. Every family member has to take 50 ml to 100 ml decoction per day.

Other than the above-mentioned techniques, one can also choose to book a consultation session at Aanya Wellness to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions to their problems.

  1. Can we do Nasya daily?

    Yes, we can do it on a daily basis. Putting 2-3 drops of medicated oil daily can help you to protect from the entry of bacteria.

  2. Can we do Nasya before going to bed?

    It is best not to do nasya before going to bed to prevent dripping of the medicinal oil.

  3. Can we consume Chyawanprash daily?

    Yes, we can eat Chyawanprash daily as it helps in removing the toxins from the body and improves the overall health.

  4. How much Chyawanprash we should eat on a regular basis?

    For an adult body, eating 1 teaspoon twice daily is more than enough while for kids, 1/2 teaspoon of Chyawanprash daily is just fine.

  5. What is the right time to have lemon and honey tea?

    Experts suggest to have lemon and honey tea in the early morning on an empty stomach to get the benefits.

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