Ayurveda definition of Asthi Dhatu!

What is Asthi Dhatu? 

Dhatu in the sense means, solid structure of the body. It is basically our skeleton and body system. The ayurveda has 7 dhatus. Rasa dhatu, rakta dhatu, mamsa dhatu, medha dhatu, asthi dhatu, majja dhatu, shukra dhatu.
Each Dhatu has a different function.

  1. Rasa dhatu : Plasma
  2. Rakta dhatu : Blood
  3. Mamsa dhatu : Muscle
  4. Medha dhatu : Fat
  5. Asthi dhatu : Bone
  6. Majja dhatu : Bone marrow
  7. Shukra dhatu : Reproductive fluid

What is Asthi Dhatu?

Asthi means bone. Asthi dhatu is basically our skeleton system. Asthi gives support to these structures and gives shape to our body. A human body is supported by the strong bones to be able to move. It contains all cartilaginous components in the human body. All the dhatus help each other to help the body function properly. Asthi dhatu is bones and teeth. It is our bones that support the muscles, fat, ligaments and gives us shape, so it is very important to maintain our asthi dhatu.

Asthi Dhatu!

How to maintain healthy bones:

  1. Vitamin D from sunrays, or foods like cottage cheese and eggs.
  2. Citrus foods are important for production of collagen.
  3. Foods with good calcium like cereals, leafy green vegetables etc.
  4. Dry fruits, nuts, seeds, oils with vitamins and minerals, have healthy fatty acids and omega 3 and omega 6.
  5. Regular exercise helps building stronger bones you healthy.
  6. Yoga and meditation keep you stress free and reduce the calcium loss in the body.
  7. Avoid excess caffeine, coffee, tea, cola etc.
  8. Avoid getting overweight; it can make your bones weaker and harder to maintain good health.

Healthy bones are necessary for a healthy body !

Pathology, psychology, Diet, exercise and yoga, meditation and herbs. All of these have an effect on asthi dhatu, and we must be careful In treating our body right, cause daily activities and diet determine whether our bones will get enough nutrients or not.

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