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What colour is your beauty routine ? Green?

Ladies, we may think that all the soaps, lotions, and perfumes make us beautiful and irresistible. But what is it really? A cocktail of chemicals! They are in no way green beauty products. No way! Get a green beauty routine asap.
Did you know that 33% of beauty products contain at least one chemical that has been linked to cancer? Companies are allowed to do this because of laws that are not stringent enough. If you want to improve your health, start with these top ten tips to go green!  products.

  1. Aluminum free deodorant

          Aluminum is one of the main ingredients in antiperspirants because it blocks pores Sweat is prevented from exiting the body. This prevents bad odor, but it also has a host of nasty side effects. Aluminum creates irritation and inflammation. This can spread to other areas as well. To smell sweet and be healthy try a green beauty product like a crystal stick with mineral salts or aluminum free deodorant.

  1. Natural toothpaste

          While toothpaste features regularly as part of our hygiene, many brands contain many dangerous chemicals. These include parabens, which have been found in breast cancer biopsies, and fluoride. Paraben is lethal in high doses. The amount present in your toothpaste won’t harm you, but you must also consider the fluoride present in your water.  Luckily there are many kinds of natural toothpastes in the market for you. Try baking soda and water if nothing else works.

  1. Chemical free with hair care

          We put more chemicals in our hair than anywhere else on our bodies. Shampoo, conditioner and hairspray, the list goes on.  Your body eventually absorbs all the chemicals you put in your hair. Avoid products with coal tar, phthalates, and formaldehyde. If you want a product that will make your hair shiny and smooth, try apple cider vinegar. One rinse and you’ll never go back to the chemicals again!

  1. Avoid products with petroleum

           We are sure that you are aware of mankind’s over-dependence on fossil fuels is wrecking the planet. However, not everyone knows the number of petroleum products that go into our beauty products. Mineral oil, paraffin, and propylene glycol can be found as major ingredients in many beauty products. Look at the label to make sure the products you’re using don’t contain these chemicals. A good substitute: Beeswax!

  1. Avoid animal testing

          In a year, in Europe,  it is estimated that 38,000 animals die due to animal testing. Do you really want to support such a thing? Buy green beauty products with Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) label and prevent animal cruelty.

  1. Use organic products

            Many cosmetics are produced using organic methods, which not only save you from nasty chemicals but also Planet Earth!  Check for the Eco-cert label or the USDA Organic seal, which ensures that the products are organically produced. Don’t trust a product claiming to be organic without these labels, because there truly is no guarantee that they are.

  1. Ditch the disposables

            We live in an era of one-time use. Face cloth, disposable razors, and pore strips are all part of many people’s daily routine. Stop filling up your garbage can and replace these items with green beauty products which will last over time.

  1. Choose less packaging

            There’s no good reason why you should buy a lotion that is not only encased in a plastic bottle but also one that comes with a cardboard wrapping as well. Choose beauty products with the least amount of packaging. Recycle what you can.  By supporting companies who believe in minimal packaging, you’ll be supporting their practices as well.

  1. Go fragrance-free

            Fragrances contain toxins like phthalates. These are not usually listed because of loopholes in the federal law. These fragrances can also cause allergic reactions for some people and are generally full of nasty and harmful chemicals. Ditch the chemicals and buy fragrance-free products. If you still want to smell good but want to use green beauty products, dab a little essential oil on your pulse points.

  1. Home beauty treatments

            Of course, the best way to avoid chemicals all together is to make green beauty treatments at home. All you need are some ingredients found at the grocery store and you have a deluxe, chemical-free spa at home.Go green at home !Go!

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