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Tips and remedies for getting a good night’s sleep!

Sleep is one remedy to many problems – physical and psychological. If you consider your body to be a biological machine, then sleep is the rest required for that machine to get recharged for the next day, for repairing its parts and enhance its capacity. Every day when you work your body and mind undergo a lot of functioning and experiences which lead to stress and exhaustion.
Sleep is the ‘pause’ moment for your body when it cleanses itself from the stress and frees space for the next day. However, the intensity of your hectic schedule and jeopardized lifestyle has thrown your so much out-of-proportion that you miss out on quality sleep.
Sleeplessness could be caused due to a number of factors like excessive stress, acute depression, and hyperthyroidism, some sort of nasal allergies, gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, asthma, exposure to smartphone or laptop lights for long time, disturbance in your usual sleeping cycle, rotational shifts, intake of excessive alcohol and some other clinical reasons.
Unfortunately, sleeplessness is a common problem people are presently suffering from. It could be a phase for some while it may continue to be a problem for many for a longer duration eventually turning worse. Lack of adequate sleep makes you susceptible to a number of diseases.

Secrets To Good Sleep

Getting quality sleep is as essential as eating unadulterated food and drinking clean water. It is an absolute necessity for a healthy living because sleep and health are very much interdependent. During sleep your body is cleansed, detoxed, repaired, your stress is reduced and your mind is freed from unwanted stress. If you are unable to get that dose of proper sleep, know how to sleep better with these easy tricks.

  • Plan and stick to a strict sleeping and waking time, even on your weekends. Initially, you may find it difficult but gradually your body would start accepting this timing and you can fall asleep without much difficulty.
  • Keep away from bright lights, especially smartphone and laptop lights. Best would be to keep them away from your bed.
  • Practice a relaxing ritual before sleeping. It could be light meditation, it can work wonders for you!
  • Make it a habit of exercising every day. That is the prerequisite for a healthy life and quality sleep.
  • Get clean before sleeping, Wear comfortable clothing and smell nice.

foods for good sleepEat Your Way To Good Sleep

If food is your first love then you might be delighted to know that eating certain kind of foods can bring you good sleep. Does that sound too good to be true? Trust the words. Foods have the quality to bring in changes in your body and even minds which even lull you to sleep.
Different foods are loaded with nutrients which fulfill the requirements, help your body to relax, make you feel happy and thereby brings you sleep easily, much faster. If you have been struggling with sleep, then make sure to eat these.
Food doesn’t only give you energy, satisfies your hunger and taste buds but can even help you to sleep faster and better. Here are some wonderful foods for good sleep.

  • Lettuce is loaded with sedative qualities and helps you to sleep.
  • Tuna fish is rich in vitamin B6 which produces happy hormones and gets you quick sleep.
  • Rice has high glycemic index and compels your body to retire to sleep.
  • Cherry juice increases melatonin in your body which brings complete relaxation and allows you to sleep faster.
  • Honey increase levels of insulin in your body and along with it lets tryptophan enter your brain. As a result, you easily fall asleep.
  • Chamomile tea is popular for its distressing factor. It increases glycine in your body calm your nerves and acts as a natural sedative to put you to sleep.
  • Cheese is a comfort food, tastes great and has a ‘feel good’ factor. Eating cheese can also help you sleep better.
  • Almonds have a high content of magnesium which is essential for improving your sleep quality.
  • Walnuts are a rich source of tryptophan which produces amino-acids. It also helps in producing melatonin and serotonin playing an active role in your sleep-cycles.
  • Have a bowl of cereal before going to sleep, to sleep faster and have quality sleep.

sleep and beautyGood sleep is what you need to feel better, come out with fresh ideas and most importantly, look gorgeous because sleep and beauty are very strongly related. Sleep unties your nerves, calms them down with different happy hormones produced during your sleep. This is why you feel good after having a sound sleep.
During sleep, your body undergoes complete relaxation, which has a very positive impact on your skin health. You feel fresh and so does your skin. This is why you look naturally beautiful with the glowing skin after waking up from a sound sleep. So, make some changes in your day-to-day life and eating habits for sound sleep, better health and looks.

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