Get rid of that stink breath!

Bad breath can be quite embarrassing! Medically called Halitosis, bad breath can be a sign of poor oral hygiene and can also be a social faux pas. Here is a lowdown on the stink caused by Halitosis! 

What causes bad breath?

The underlying cause for foul odor from your mouth is bacteria build up. The food you eat has to be broken down into smaller pieces in your mouth. Some foods have strong odors such as garlic, spices, or onions. Brushing your teeth helps mask the odor but it is a temporary remedy. The smell will subside only when the food has passed completely through your system. Even after brushing your teeth, some food particles will remain in your mouth and promote the growth of bacteria in your mouth. This leads to bad breath. If left untreated can also lead to cavities.

brushing teeth

Brushing is the best way to go!


Smoking can also make your breath foul. It can even stain your teeth and reduce your ability to taste foods. It ups your risk of developing oral cancer and may even lead to soreness in your gums. Tobacco users also suffer from gum diseases that can lead to bad breath.

Remedies for bad breath

It is a given fact that good oral hygiene is paramount. You must brush your teeth twice a day- once in the morning and the other time at night.

  1. Drink lots of water

Water is absolutely imperative for good oral hygiene. It not only hydrates your mouth but also prevents the foul odor from your mouth. It also hinders the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. The saliva in your mouth is necessary to moisten your teeth. It maintains the acid-base pH in your mouth. Water also washes away the bacteria and plaque.

  1. Clean your tongue

By cleaning out your tongue, you can decrease the foul smell causing bacteria in your mouth. You should brush your tongue. Use a tongue cleaner to keep your tongue healthy.

bad breath

Fresh Breath!

  1. Make your diet carbohydrate-rich

Often when your diet doesn’t contain sufficient carbohydrate, your body is forced to break down fat as a source of energy. The end product obtained is Ketone. This can cause bad breath often called ‘ketone breath’.  If you are crash dieting, you may suffer from bad breath.

  1. Antibacterial rinse twice a day

You can make your own avocado lemon rinse. Avocados have antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria residing in your mouth. Avocados remove intestinal decomposition which can also lead to bad breath. Lemon being a citrus fruit, is rich in vitamin C. It thereby stimulates the saliva production and restricts microbial growth.
How to make this: Take an avocado and scoop out the seed. Now boil it in water. Cool down the water so collected. Rinse your mouth with it. You can also add a little lemon juice to the water.

  1. Chew cardamom (Elaichi)

Elaichi is an excellent mouth freshener and has aromatic properties. It can act as a protection against bad breath, cavities, and even oral cancer. The Elaichi seeds add freshness to your mouth. The spice is also widely used for aiding digestion. Cardamom seeds are rich in phytonutrients and also supply magnesium to the body. Cardamom contains an oil called cineole is known for being able to fight bacteria.

  1. Eat parsley

Think parsley is just another garnish? Well, think again because parsley has bacteria-killing properties due to the presence of chlorophyll. It has a distinct fragrance and acts as a natural breath freshener. Parsley has antioxidants that impart it anti-inflammatory properties that help to neutralize toxins present in your mouth. They also help to reduce intestinal gas.

  1. Eat yogurt

Eating yogurt every day keeps your breath fresh and acts as a powerful antidote to bad breath. Yogurt has great nutritional value and also helps in your overall digestion process.

  1. Tea therapy

The polyphenols present in your cup of tea prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth while also decreasing their production of odor-causing compounds. Just drink unsweetened tea daily and you can observe the effects.
So you can always use these remedies as an antidote for when you feel that you are suffering from bad breath.  

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