Simple tips for clothes care!

Simple tips for clothes care: We all have seen that closet with loads of clothes piled day after day, crammed into every last bit of space available. I mean it’s not as alarming as global warming or something but it will only damage the clothes and shorten the time we can actually wear them. Nothing lasts forever. Neither do our clothes. However, we can definitely make them last longer than they normally would.  You can’t always go and buy a new pair of jeans or run to the shop every now and then just because of a clothing item has become too shabby to wear. Every fabric has its limit and we must understand that our clothes need specific care. Otherwise, they will just get worn out without our realization. Read on about tips for clothes care.

Clothes need good care care

Clothes are an important part of your life.

Treat different clothes differently!

The first things to realize is that different fabrics must be treated differently. While washing your clothes, make sure to check all the clothes and what is suitable for them. Similar types of clothing items must be sorted out and washed together. Dark with dark, cold wash with cold wash and such. Clothes that are washed in the way they aren’t intended to be will wear out faster. For instance, white clothes do better in hot water as the stains are easily removed. But hot water can cause bleeding of color from clothes. They must be washed separately. Dark clothing can be washed inside out or they tend to fade faster. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

Wash your clothes and make sure the colours of your

Washing clothes is super normal

Store clothes in a proper manner

Next, we should store the clothes in a proper manner that allows them to retain their natural shape and also reduces the chance of them wearing out. The clothes which are meant to be kept well like those grand old jackets or your crisp formals should be preferably kept using a hanger. The rest should be folded and stored well as folding will allow the clothes to maintain their shape. It’s better to fold along the seams as that would lessen the creases. You could also use an iron for wrinkles. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

Take better care of your clothes

Increase the longevity of your clothes

Let your clothes see daylight

Furthermore, clothes are better off not being washed regularly and unnecessarily as an increase in washing increases the wear and tear. Not that you shouldn’t wash them but sometimes it’s about prevention rather than cure. Closets must have mothballs to preserve the clothes which are often kept but used very little. It’s nice to let those clothes get some air once in awhile. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

Take better care of your clothes by

Your clothes need to dry out properly too!

Sort those stains and spills

Don’t forget to sort out the stains and kinds of spills immediately.  The delay could make those unsightly marks to remain forever. Dabbing ice water or an ice cube or a seltzer can prevent the stains from setting. Little precautions are always the first step to making your clothes last longer. Wear aprons that have no value to you while cooking or cleaning anything. Heat and oil splashes are far worse than you can imagine for your favorite shirt. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

Stubborn stains

Keep those clothes away from spills

It’s often seen that people who are particular about their clothes treat them with special care and have specific ways of keeping every kind of clothing in good condition. Dark clothes are washed inside out and even dried that way to keep them from discoloring. They recognize every different kind of clothing like denim, linen, cotton and make sure each is tended to accordingly. You can do the same as it doesn’t take much effort rather just a keen eye and an urge to maintain them. The clothes we wear also play an important role in how we are seen by others and what it says about our cleanliness and hygiene. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

Make sure your clothes are super clean!

Shabby clothes make us appear shabby and unkempt. It’s just something we can achieve by simply keeping our personal space neat and clean. A clean and organized closet will definitely help you along the way. However, we inside come out one way or the other through our dressing. So keep it tidy and put on your clean clothes as if it were your Sunday best, even though no one’s watching, you’ll feel better too. We hope you liked our tips for clothes care.

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