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Strengthen those precious eyeballs!

We spend most of our time huddled in front of a screen- our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TV. All this screen time seems to be taking a toll on our vision and causing serious problems. Learn how to strengthen your eyesight with these amazing techniques! 

How does eyesight get weak?

A critical factor that harms your vision is if you have been prescribed glasses and you don’t wear them. You are doing irreparable damage to your eyesight. All that squinting weakens your eye muscles and worsens your vision. The glare from our phones is the culprit behind many of our problems ranging from headaches to blurry vision. Continuous use of mobile phones can dry out your eyes and cause excessive strain. Vision gets compromised because of the changes in the molecular structure of the eyes.
Proper lighting is key! eyesightEyesight problems
So no matter how important your Netflix binge is, do it in proper lighting and maintain a suitable distance from the screen. 
A good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary 
If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, then your vision will become blurry.  Sleep is also essential for your body to repair and heal itself. Some eye makeup products can irritate your eyes and cause watering of eyes and inflammation of retina.
Try to use only high-quality eye makeup.Your diet is also important for having proper vision, read the list of foods for good eyesight below in this article.

Practices to follow for stronger eyesight

Maintain a comfortable distance from your device. Ophthalmologists suggest the rule of 20 which states that after every 20 minutes of working on a screen, stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This relaxes your strained muscles and allows your blink rate to come back to normal.

  1. Exercises to relax eye muscles

Eye exercises can help ease the strain on your eyes and also improve concentration. Properly exercising the eye muscles can strengthen and distress the ocular muscles.
Exercise 1: Hold a pencil at arm’s length. Slowly bring it closer to your face, holding it close to your nose. Move it away so that it goes out of focus.
Exercise 2: Rotate your eyes clockwise. Then rotate them counterclockwise. Repeat 4-5 times.

  1. Power foods to improve your eyesight

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc needed for eye health. The herb Ginkgo helps t

o improve blood circulation in the eyes and eases soreness of eyes. Spinach also has many vitamins and minerals along with proteins such as lutein which maintain eye health. Carrots contain vitamin A that is essential for the wellness of eyes. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that moisturize the eyes and prevent dryness. Avocado, berries, and nuts are other foods that help in improving vision as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Green vegetables for eyesight

  1. Blinking

This is the easiest exercise for good eye health. Frequently blinking keeps your eyes moist and brings the nutrients back to the eyes. Try blinking frequently while doing any activity that causes strain- reading, watching TV, or using your phone.

  1. Wash your eyes with cold water

Splashing your face and eyes with water not only removes the dirt and grime, it also hydrates your eyelids and 
revitalizes your eyes.

  1. Use a copper vessel for storing water

Copper imparts various health benefits not only for the eyes but also other organs such as thyroid and parathyroid gland. Water stored in a copper vessel also improves digestion and has cancer-fighting properties.copper vessel                                                                            A copper vessel for good eyesight ! 

  1. Barefoot walking on grass

This technique is also referred to as earthing.  The feet have receptors for all parts of the body including the eyes. These are stimulated when you walk on grass and hence it improves your vision.In addition to regularly exercising your eyes and adding the requisite fruits and vegetables, you must also visit your ophthalmologist regularly to get your eyes
Take care of your precious eyes and they will take of you in your old age! After all, they are God’s gift to you . You can enjoy the beauty of this world if you have your precious eyesight with you.

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