How to stay warm during winters if you are from the tropics

How to stay warm during winters if you are from the tropics : So, you decided to stay in Delhi and arrived just at the end of summer, the heat that welcomed you then being your longtime buddy from home.
Until winter suddenly starts to come around with brittle cold wind and freezing polluted air. Then you remember that you’re from the tropics and winter was only a word in the calendar that was always beaten by summer. A tip for staying warm during winters !
Might as well just die from hypothermia, you think. I mean, the temperature just keeps getting worse, right? Especially at night when after a long day of work, you want to go shower, but you can’t stop shivering under the barely warm water. Then you go into an inner monologue about how you’re going to die from this cold when everybody else seems to be managing the lowering temperature so damn easily.
Fret not. You’re not alone in this. There is a way of survival against the coming cold weather (that might just last well into March thanks to Global Warming). Just  follow these tips for staying warm during winters:

Quality clothes!

  • First, get quality winter clothes, like boots, sweaters, a coat, scarves, and hats. They don’t have to be expensive if you look at online stores or discounted prices from shops specializing in outerwear. But avoid cheap and bad items, they won’t last you. A good investment in this wardrobe is better than having to buy clothes again, and again, every time you have to face the winter. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!
Get high quality clothes

It is very important to get good quality clothes

Layer it up!

  • Learn the art of layering. It is not merely wearing a bunch of clothes, one on top of the other. There will be some days where you won’t even need that many t-shirts or tank tops beneath your layers. If the weather gets bad, somewhere close to 0˚, use leggings or thermal clothing beneath your jeans and sweaters. And make sure your clothes are lightweight, so you can still function and not look like an overstuffed marshmallow when you go to work. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!

Keep your body warm

  • If you keep your feet as warm as possible, your whole body will feel the same. Your body will remain warmer longer if your feet are protected so make sure to wear long socks made of fleece, wool, acrylic or thermal ones. Also, avoid wearing hats if the temperature is still not below 40˚ (4˚ Celsius). Let your body adjust itself to the temperature change and you’ll be able to face the cold weather head-on. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!
If nothing at all, you can keep your feet warm. This will protect the rest of your body

Keeping your feet warm is super necessary!

Simple exercises

  • Start walking outside, do easy exercises that won’t exhaust you. Remember that breathing through your nose will help you stay warmer so avoid talking much outside and keep the interesting conversations inside warm places. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!
Simple exercises will help you get warm

To beat the cold, do some simple exercises

Consume liquids regularly

  • Eat regularly and drink a lot of fluids (water or juice). Alcohol is only a temporary solution and will burn out faster. So, maintain your good health with something longer lasting. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!
Consume liquids for body warmth

Keep consuming liquids is important is keeping your body warm

Moisturize your skin

  • If your skin is prone to get dry (which probably will since it’s used to the sun all year round), try out some good 24-hour moisturizers. Or make your own body butter recipes using coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, mixed together in equal parts. Take vitamin D supplements too since the lack of sunlight will take your energy away, feel more stressed and act grouchy. You will need that energy later to plow through the winter. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!

Winters can bring skin problems. So save your self with moisturization

Moisturization of your skin is very important during winters

Listen, the cold is harsh, there is no denying it. And you probably just realized how much you took the sun for granted back home and wish you could bring some of it back through this painful cold. Follow this tip for staying warm during winters!
But all will be well. If people have survived the ever-changing weathers of India, so can you. Winter is just one season. After that, you’ll be basking in the sunlight as soon as it’s gone again until next year.

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