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Reverse dieting – Lose weight by eating more!

A little becomes a lot one day-especially when it comes to food. Don’t you think? A bag of chips here and a chocolate chip cookie there turns into the fat on your waist without your knowledge !
The beginning of the year started off with a bang, staying loyally committed to all new year’s resolutions, as the months petered by, the number on the scale far surpassed what we all had started off with.
That happens to all of us when it comes to weight management and dieting. It’s not surprise at all! This is where reverse dieting comes into the picture.

So, how exactly can you avoid this completely uncalled for rebound phase? Read on and you’ll soon find out.

The Reverse Diet

Reverse dieting is a term used to describe a period after a low-calorie restricted eating period during which you slowly work to increase calories back into your system to achieve a maintenance level.
Using this tactic and by monitoring your progress on a week-by-week basis, your body can recover it’s metabolism with minimal increase in body fat.

The fuel your body needs

For the majority of the population—maintaining an abundantly low-calorie diet, is not sustainable as a long term health-plan. In addition, after prolonged periods of restricted caloric intake, your body’s metabolism adapts to operate more efficiently.
What this means is that your body essentially operates at low-energy expenditure and burns fewer calories. So, if dietary adjustments aren’t made to account for this slow down, your body will store those extra calories in the form of fat.

Why choose reverse dieting?

The purpose, thus, of reverse dieting is to bring calories and strength back to a healthy and sustainable level after a prolonged weight-loss diet.
A reverse diet should be implemented in order to slowly increase food intake to a level that you can maintain it. By increasing calories incrementally, you allow your metabolism to reignite.
On the other hand, if too many calories are introduced to your body too soon, your body will attempt to store these calories for the next time you severely deprive your body of regular intake, leading to rapid weight gain and long-term metabolic damage.

How to reverse diet?

Post your period of extreme calorie deprivation—have a plan that will be implemented immediately. Plan your meals and make sure your food is prepped. During the first week, return to the calorie and nutrient countdown you followed the week before your restraint. Next, introduce small calorie peaks in the form of carbohydrates.
Assess your weight and body fat weekly—remain consistent with the timing. Make weekly increases provided that your body fat remains constant. Then, slowly make more increases in fat grams—keeping your dietary fats at a healthy percentage.

While undoubtedly, this method of dieting is taxing, the physical and mental benefits are worth the commitment. With difference in terrains and lifestyle, there is a difference in the approach as well. There are many versions of a possible diet, that helps in weight loss, or managing your weight better. Check out this article by HVNM on “How to supercharge your Keto Diet?”
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