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Phoenix’s Journey: New Life through Personalized Healthcare

Crystal Healing, Personalised Healthcare

Although it can be defined as an act of providence, or his way of showering his blessings, it was a total turnaround for Ifshan and her personalized healthcare lifestyle. Spiritually inclined since childhood, she had faced a lot of adversities, hitherto. Though she didn’t know which path to take, she was always crystal clear of which paths not to take. She did experiment with various options, but she always ended giving it up, because she didn’t connect with it. Belief has been the driving force for her motivation to do something.

Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone – Roy T. Bennett

Her father, a steadfast pillar of support, has been the unwavering foundation of her life, consistently offering encouragement without a second thought. Before embarking on her MBA journey, she dedicated two years to delve into the profound connection between food, nutrition, and a personalized lifestyle. Her orbit always gravitated toward domains centered on natural living, energy healing, and belief. However, it wasn’t until these aspects became notably prominent in her life that she recognized personalized healthcare as her calling, specifically in the realm of energy-based crystal healing.

Her experiments to find her right fit didn’t just stop with the above course she went on to do an MBA in HR and Marketing. Post her MBA, she worked with a leading corporate house Alico, in Dubai, as an HR Manager. She eventually gave it up after three years, as she couldn’t find the inspiration to carry on with it and above all, her health had also started to deteriorate. Before she could embark upon the next big milestone in her life, she took a four years gap, where she was on a quest to introspect and discover her true calling. The first event that got her closer to her true being was a PhD with a thesis on ‘Home as a healer’.  In the thesis, she researched areas like how energy and ambience impact the overall prosperity and health of the inhabitants. She also studied and got personalized in the areas of how Vaastu is beneficial for the betterment of the overall energy of the home.

Energy Healing and Reflexology

Although her journey to become a crystal healer and a reflexologist took its own time and short sprints, it was her marriage that empowered her to reach the final destination. Right after submitting her thesis, she got married, and to her awe, things weren’t as she had expected. To make things worse, her health had started to deteriorate further, and she couldn’t see any light of hope. None of the medicines or treatments were able to cure until she met Namita, who introduced her to the invigorating world of Reflexology. She had been weeping through a harsh time, one of the toughest times she had faced. Struggle for her was not only on the health front, but she was also having a hard time in her newly married life. It wasn’t the normal adjustment issues, but she was having difficulty in finding her meaning. It was difficult for her to be accepted in her new home for her spiritual inclination and vividness for energy healing, meditation and Yoga. Acceptance is a conflict that can be resolved through a conversation, but being shrugged off, continuously to a point of complete breakdown is another.

Marriage brought a novel learning curve into Ifshan’s life, a stark contrast to her past experiences. It demanded that she find her voice, assert her beliefs, and navigate the delicate balance between two families. On one side, her parents provided unwavering belief and support at every turn, incorporating principles of personalized healthcare into their guidance. On the other, she had to consistently stand up for her desires and needs, seeking a path that aligned with her vision of personalized healthcare in her married life.

Introduction of Namita added to the luminosity of her learning curve and gave the final turn it required. She helped her heal first and then taught her Reflexology as well. These observations and new learning helped her accept the hardships in her life, and best of all, overcome emotional baggage she had been carrying with her for a long time. The darker days are over for her now, and she owes it all to her friends, sister and her father especially.

Let your intuitions guide you

Being an altruistic person, she wanted to pass on the message of energy healing to masses, and share the benefits with all. She, through continuous practice and dedicated learning became a Pranic healer initially. On becoming more aware of her inner being, she learnt the art of crystal healing and has been spreading the warmth all around her. To strengthen her connect with the One, and further develop herself, Ifshan keeps exploring various other modalities of spiritual healing. She has gained much better control of her emotional and physical well-being now and has an immaculate understanding of things that are happening around her.

It’s her endeavour now, beyond all the hurdles(from her family and otherwise), to be able to help as many people possible with the skills that have been endowed upon her. At times, when she looks back, she shares her journey to be rising again from the ashes to a brighter life.

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  1. What is crystal healing used for?

    It is used for promoting the flow of good energy in your body and getting rid of the negative ones from your mind and soul.

  2. Do we have to clean our crystals?

    It is advisable to clean all your crystals and stones at least once a month.

  3. Can I keep crystals in my room?

    Yes, one can keep crystals in their room after doing research on them as every crystal is different and has different energy.

  4. Is it good to have crystals in your home?

    Crystals in general spreads a positive and healthy energy, ward off negative feelings, and create a sense of harmony. So, yes it is good to have crystals in your home.

  5. What happens when you do reflexology?

    It generally helps in relaxing the body, and alleviating stress and anxiety.

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