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Your party makeup routine

Getting ready to go to a fancy get-together isn’t just about how well your outfit goes, your party makeup routine is a needed accomplishment to getting your desired look.
Applying makeup for a night out is just a bolder version of your daily makeup routine, barring bolder colours and a more dramatic appearance.
So, to achieve that party makeup routine, here we leave you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it:

Prepare your face

Face washing on a regular basis boosts yourBefore you apply the makeup on your face, you will want to clear off any excess oils and dirt on your skin. Use a mild cleanser and warm water, but if you have makeup from the day already and then go to a party in the evening, use makeup remover cloths before washing.
Moisturizer is essential because it restores your natural oils, maintaining your skin from drying and becoming flaky. Use a moisturizer that’s ideal for your skin type and apply a small bit on your face and blend that in.
Apply primer to help your makeup last the whole night. It will avoid the need of reapplying makeup and gives a more matte look on your face. Apply a few dots of primer throughout your forehead, nose, and cheeks then spread it all over.

Foundation time

Use foundation according to your skin tone, blending it with a foam sponge, your fingers, or a brush. Use a foundation that fits your skin type too and try it out before getting it.
Using a concealer that also matches your skin colour. Cover up your dark circles and blemishes with a small bit of it. Then blend it softly together with your finger.
Set your makeup with powder. It will help your makeup stay and prevent your skin from becoming oily. Use a powder brush paint brush for swiping the lines of your face. Then, continue by contouring with bronzer. It should be along your hairline, below your cheekbone and just below the jawline.

Setting the eyes

Start with an eyelid primer, just on your upper lid. This will help your eyeshadow last longer. After choosing your colours for the eyeshadow, blend from light to dark colours on your upper lid using an eyeshadow brush.
Highlight your eyes using a liquid or pencil eyeliner. Draw a thin line of eyeliner on the corners of your eyelids that will enhance and fit the shape of your eyes. Then go with an application of mascara to make your eyes pop and your eyelashes flare.

Lip care

Begin by moisturizing your lips to help remove any dryness. Use exfoliation and a lip balm to prep your lips for the lipstick application. Use a bold lip colour for your lipstick that will accentuate your complexion and make it look striking.
Finish up your look by applying a setting spray so your makeup will last longer. Allow it to dry and you’ll be ready for going out tonight with your new party makeup.

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