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Remove Your Makeup: The Natural Way!

Remove your makeup: The natural way! Summers, dust and pollution have the ability to take a toll on our delicate skin. When our skin is exposed to the same on a daily basis, the skin tends to become harsh and insensitive. If you happen to be a frequent makeup user, the extra chemicals in your makeup remover can take a toll on your skin, making it dull and lifeless. Go easy on your skin by going natural with your makeup remover. After all, mother nature knows the best!  Here are some ways to get your skin to glow again with all these natural ways to remove your makeup and clear your skin with minimal chemicals.

  1. Milk

Milk is not only good for your bones, but for your skin too! The ancient elites used it for bathing. Babies, till this day, are bathed in milk to protect their delicate, baby skin from being harmed. Milk is an emulsion with its dispersed fats and proteins which allow your skin to retain moisture. It also hydrates your skin, keeping it supple and smooth.
Tip: Add a few tablespoons of Almond oil to milk. Apply this mixture on your face with the help of cotton balls. Wash it off after 1/2 an hour. 

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is extremely rich in amino acids and vitamins C and E. It rejuvenates the skin and helps in removing wrinkles at the same time. A youthful glow also follows post the application of Aloe Vera gel.  The soothing gel with its cooling properties has been used since time immemorial as a medicinal plant. Not only that, it also finds a place in the Vedas. It’s cooling properties also help alleviate sunburns.  
Tip:  Combine Aloe Vera gel with a few tablespoons of honey. Blend the mixture and apply it gently on your face. Wash it off after 1/2 an hour. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

  1. Cucumber

The cucumber, a humble resident of kitchens worldwide, is a supernatural makeup remover! With its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, it is known to help cure acne and soothe skin irritation. It also wipes away impurities and make-up with minimal fuss.
Tip: Slice a cucumber and make a cucumber mush with it. Apply the cucumber mush to your face to remove makeup. 

  1. Yoghurt

Yogurt not only moisturizes the skin but helps soothe sunburns. It is loaded with antimicrobial properties. Your skin feels fresh and smooth after its application. 
Tip: Take a cotton swab and dab some fresh yogurt onto it. Rub this over your face in a circular clockwise/counter clockwise motion. 



  1. Olive oil

Worried about removing your makeup? Well, Olive oil comes to the rescue! A bottle of Olive oil can do magic for your face as it replenishes the oil in the skin making it supple and radiant. Along with its anti-aging benefits, it also detoxifies skin. It manages to dissolve dirty oils without stripping the skin of its natural glow.
Tip: Rub a small amount of oil on your skin and massage your face with it. Place a wet washcloth on the skin and remove any excess makeup.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can rejuvenate dry hair, cure gum ache, hydrate skin and even remove makeup! Coconut oil is a little bit like Superman. It serves as a moisturizer for the skin as it removes makeup without over-drying your skin. It dissolves the water-resistant substances in most makeup, which helps in easy removal. 
Tip: Put a little coconut oil on a cotton ball and rub it gently all over your face. Avoid letting the oil enter your eyes as it can temporarily blur your vision.

coconut oil

Coconut oil

  1. Rose water

Did you know that Rosewater was an integral part of Queen Cleopatra’s beauty regimen? Well, why not make it a part of your’s too? Rosewater makes a fantastic cleanse as it unclogs your skin pores and removes dirt and oil. It also helps in removing any under-eye puffiness.
Tip: Apply rose water on a cotton swab and rub it over your face gently. 
Well, these were some of the natural makeup removers we thought you would find useful. Let us know what you think of it! And if there are any other natural makeup removers you feel should be on this list, do let us know!

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