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Natural body scrubs for super skin

Who does not want a gorgeous and plush-looking skin? There are so many products in the market to adorn the skin. It is the crunch of time that does not allow us to take good care of skin. An ideal situation is one in which skin needs to be rejuvenated from the blemishes and tans. The current atmospheric conditions and pollution cause a lot of damage to the skin.
The biggest concern is that usually scrubbing remains restricted to the facial zone and other parts of your body go neglected.

Benefits of body scrub

The practice of exfoliation of the facial region is very common. People tend to take care of those parts which are exposed more often but the hidden parts need to be scrubbed too. The benefits of scrubbing skin are mentioned below.

  1. Proper exfoliation of skin

The prime benefits of scrubbing body consist of the exfoliation of the skin. The use of proper scrubbing recipes aids the process of achieving a perfectly exfoliated skin.  It means that the skin will be absolutely free from dirt deposition. The pores will be open and cleansed so that the outbreak of pimples or acne in the neck, back, face, or extremities can be stopped.

     2. Delaying the age symptoms

The scrubbing recipes that are made with natural ingredients help in delaying the appearance of the aging symptoms. The continuous exposure of the skin to harmful sun rays and excessive pollution invite the age symptoms very early. These natural scrubs, when used on a regular basis, keep the skin perfectly clean and detoxify and remove the absorbed harmful pollutants. Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and loosening of skin will appear late.

     3. Smoother skin

No more bumpy or rough skin. The use of natural scrubs will make the skin smoother and fresh. It is mandatory to clean the skin with a proper scrub in coordination with food habits to clean it and get rid of roughness.

Homemade skin scrub recipes

Why the experts indulge in making a homemade scrub rather than believing on the ready-made assembly line products available in the market? The main reason behind such suggestion is that the recipe can be easily prepared without breaking a fortune. The ready-made scrubbing products cost way higher than what it takes to make them at home. It is true that the same consistency will not be available but a regular practice will make it possible to come up with a right scrubbing pack.
home made scrub
Other than being inexpensive, the ingredients needed for the homemade skin scrubs are available right in the kitchen. This means that the pack can be prepared anytime from scratch and the preparation will be absolutely fresh. A fresh pack means it will never need a preservative or artificial chemical to maintain its shelf life. The natural body scrubs are the most worthy and effective methods to get a glowing and exfoliated skin.

Natural body scrubbing recipes

  1. Coffee scrub

The most effective body scrubs that can be prepared at home is ground coffee scrub. This excellent DIY body scrub can remove dead cells like a professional and make an individual’s skin look healthier and glowing. It also adds moisture to the skin which is why a coffee pack is used in the winter season.

      2. Lemon with sugar

To polish down the roughness in the skin, the best natural body scrub to go with is lemon with sugar. Finely granulated sugar, when used with lemon juice along with olive or almond oil, makes a great skin scrub pack. It works better after taking a shower. Scrub the mixture all over the body and let it dry. This scrub is designed for oily skin.

     3. Honey and lemon scrub

This scrub is used to de-tan, as well as, detoxify your body. Lemon juice will remove the dead cells and make the skin smooth whereas honey will be used as a natural moisturizer and skin nourishing agent.homemade honey scrub

    4. Almond and sugar scrub

It is quite well known that sugar acts as a great natural scrubber for the skin. When finely granulated sugar is mixed in right proportion with almond oil to acquire a consistent paste, it serves as a great body scrub.
Exfoliation is the primary step in achieving a clear and healthy skin. It removes dirt and dead cell layer thereby letting nutrients to penetrate the skin. A smooth face is the best base for makeup too. Using homemade scrubs mentioned above is an easy great way to achieve it.

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