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Mulled wine – Hair colour. Good or bad?

Mulled wine – Hair colour. Good or bad? : Mulled wine is like the purple-red hair color that was popular in the ’90s.  Similar to the cozy seasonal beverage ‘mulled wine’, this color is a soothing color and the variety of tones it has can suit anyone. Lighter skin tones might opt for a brighter berry, while darker skin tones might steer toward the rich merlot shades.

Mulled wine hair for great skin!

Mulled wine as a hair colour is amazing!

A crazy hair colour!

Pop Sugar brought this trend into our attention and now people are going crazy about this new hair colour. This hair colour looks super dimensional and youthful. Deep red hues are more fitting for the winter months. It can be made by the mixture of many colours like of brown and burgundy shades.

Mulled wine hair colour!

From winter fashion to nail polishes to even lip colour, this season is all about this timeless shade. This hair color looks good on every hair type, be it straight or curly. Ranging from a more chocolatey hue to a vivid berry, the shades are incredibly diverse and unique. 

Global colour as highlights!

They can be applied in highlights or as global color. Mulled wine color is the festive color, anyone can go for. It is also a super timely new hair trend, seeing as the winter months lend themselves well to deeper and more intense hues.
So if you are planning to get your hair colored in winter, try any shade of mulled wine to get the warm winter look.

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