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Menopause and puberty are conundrums that every woman has to experience.  Menopause is just puberty’s older sister!  Menopause is derived from the Latin words “meno” and “pausia”. Meno means months and pausia means halt. Every woman does know about periods as they punctuate most women’s lives at least monthly. But these cycles don’t last forever and they stop someday. When your periods stop occurring on a monthly basis, this phenomenon is called menopause. Menopause problems are many! 
Most women are not informed about the period of menopause beforehand. Every woman needs to be rightly informed about menopause as it has a great effect on one’s moods.  The arrival of menopause brings hot flashes, depression, night sweats and frequent drives to the bathroom. The experience of menopause will be unique to every woman. A majority of women stop having periods between the age of 45 to 55 but the average age of entering menopause is 51.
During menopause, the health of a woman is affected socially, physically and psychologically. Their sexual desire also decreases with it. Menopause is a natural phenomenon. However, there is a huge stigma associated with women. Now, we are going to talk about the elementary facts related to menopause. They are:

Arrival of menopause

  1. Welcome your menopause if you missed 12 months of periods.

Menopause means you have stopped producing estrogen. As periods are irregular, you won’t know when you reached menopause. But, if you missed your periods for 12 months or more, then be prepared.


Characteristics of menopause!

Bone Loss

  1. Menopause leads to bone loss.  Due to the loss of estrogen, it can lead to loss of bones. According to sources, there is a 20% dip in bone density after 5 to 7 years of menopause. So ladies, get calcium in your diet and add weight-bearing exercise to your routine!

A freeing experience!

  1. No more periods can be freeing: Your uterus will no longer fight with you. After painful periods, you surely will feel happy to say goodbye to them.

Increase in the risk of heart diseases

     4. The risk for heart diseases rises after menopause: Drop in estrogen during menopause may lead to increase your risk of heart disease as estrogen offers protection against stroke and heart attack. Notably, loss of estrogen can also lead to increased risk of colon and ovarian cancer, tooth loss and also the formation of cataract.

The onset of menopause and heart diseases!

Heart diseases increase with the onset of menopause!

Early menopause can also set in!

   5. Menopause before 40 is considered as early menopause: Known as premature menopause, might run in your family or could be an outcome of a medical condition. According to medical treatment, if you get your ovaries removed, you will attain menopause right away.

Hormone Therapy to cure menopause

6. Hormone therapy (HT) can help with menopause symptoms. It is one of the government approved therapies for relief of menopause symptoms. In order to decrease serious health issues, HT is suggested at the lowest effective dose for the shortest time period.

Hormone replacement therapy!

Hormone replacement therapy can help you with menopause!

62 out of 100 women who are going through menopause feel affirmative about it. Also, not all women experience low moods or depression during the period of menopause. Every year, 18th October is celebrated as World Menopause Day. More wisdom and the proper information is very important as you can prepare yourselves for what’s coming!

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