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Making organizations a healthy sphere- corporate wellness program and how to cure lower backache

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With the immense growth of the Corporate culture and intensive working hours, the health of the corporate workers is bound to get affected. A lot of times employees are seen complaining about backaches because most of their tasks include sitting on a chair for long hours in front of a computer. To keep your employees healthy and ensure better productivity Corporate Wellness Program should be considered. They help the employees to stay in good health and also help them in finding solutions to their problems like How to cure lower backache.

Corporate Wellness Program

 A Corporate Wellness Program is an effort by an organization or an employer to make sure that their employees are healthy. Healthy employees imply a healthy workplace. It is an approach that includes healthy activities in the daily routine of all the employees within their working sphere. It is a program designed to inculcate healthy behaviors and tasks every day rather intensive working culture in the workforce. Such initiatives usually include physical fitness activities, medical check-ups, interventions by fitness or medical specialists, stress management activities, and tasks that help the employees lose weight, improve their physical health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Corporate workers usually complain of issues like a strain on the eyes and headaches due to long hours of staring at the screen, lower backache, and neck pains due to sitting the whole day long and fatigued by the end of the day. The Corporate Wellness Program is a method to look after all such complaints of the employees so that they feel comfortable and healthy while working.

Importance of Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs in the office

1. They improve the health behaviors of the employees

The Corporate Wellness Program ensures that over some time the unhealthy habits adopted by the workers will change. When the employees are regularly made to sit in the correct posture and made to exercise for half an hour, over some time these activities are bound to become habits. This way they make sure that their unhealthy behaviors are reduced and healthier ones are adopted.

2. They reduce health risks

Sitting for long hours without any physical movement, while engaging in unhealthy eating and messed up sleeping schedules have bad effects on the health of the corporate workers. Such routines lead to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, and many more. The Corporate Wellness Program looks after these issues. Regular health check-ups help the diagnosis of such problems at the very initial stage. This way they can nip in the bud. Thus reducing health risks for the employees.

3. Improves Productivity 

 When the workers are healthy and active, they don’t feel tired easily. It reduces the chances of experiencing fatigue. When the employees are well-rested, they are bound to work most efficiently. They will get their tasks done well, and meet deadlines without any complaints. Thus improving productivity.

4. Keeps the employees motivated 

Fun activities and fitness sessions happening around the office isn’t a regular thing. But when it does happen, it motivates them and gives them another reason to stay regular and avoid slacking off. It is something they wait for in their rather mundane day as something exciting. The Corporate Wellness Program is a good way of keeping employees encouraged.

5. Reduces Stress

A very common complaint heard from employees is that their schedules and jobs are very stressful. Activities like stress management workshops, yoga, and meditation during the Corporate Wellness Program help them in reducing their stress levels. Such activities make them feel calm and composed. They show them tips and tricks to improve their mental health and get rid of stress. 

So these were some reasons showcasing why the Corporate Wellness Program is the need of the hour. Every organization wants healthy employees who can work effectively and efficiently for the success of their company. No one wants employees who are unhealthy, sick or the ones who slack off regularly. Thus, in this competition-driven corporate world, such programs are a blessing.

As mentioned above a very common problem for workers in the workplace is back issues and regular lower backaches. So today we will also share some tips on how to cure lower backache.

Common causes of lower backache at work:

The solution to lower backache at work

1. Long hours of sitting

 Constantly sitting in one place, in the same posture can cause discomfort in the back area. But doing so repeatedly every day can be the cause of chronic lower backache.

2. No Movement 

Consistently sitting in front of the desktop the whole day long, with minimal movement doesn’t give your back a way to relax. When you get up and move, your back tends to stretch and move too. Without such a movement, staying in the same position causes lower backache.

3. Lack of rest

Messy sleeping schedules due to late office hours cause a lack of rest for the body. When the body doesn’t get enough rest, it tends to develop fatigue and body pains. This is another cause of lower backache.

4. Force 

Exerting way too much force. This can happen due to lifting something too heavy or moving heavy objects. This can hurt the back and cause lower backache. 

How to cure lower backache

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want an answer to the question: How to cure lower backache

The solution to lower backache at work

1. Correct Posture 

 Having the right posture is the most important thing when it comes to how to cure lower backache. Choose a chair that supports your back and spinal curves properly. Only then it will be comfortable. While sitting, firstly remove your wallet or your phone from your back pocket. Adjust the height of the chair according to height so that your feet rest on the floor while you sit on it. Sit straight, don’t slouch while sitting. Keep your back straight.

2. Take a break and move around a bit after a while

 After every 2-3 hours take a small break and walk around a bit. Or simply stand up and stretch a little. This gives the back the movement that it requires and reduces cases of Lower backache. 

3. Change your positions

 To be able to answer the question of how to cure lower backache, you will have to listen to your body. Knowing that sitting for prolonged periods, you should change your positions while sitting when you feel stress on your back. This change helps you prevent having a backache. 

4. Have a comfortable desk

 Design your workspace in a manner that is comfortable for you. It should be managed in a way that all the things that you need are nearby. So that you don’t have to reach way out for your stuff, you don’t have to bend too much to take things or move forward to look at the desktop.  

5Wear low heels

 Wearing very high heels can be a significant cause of lower backache. They create an unstable posture while putting extra pressure on your lower back. It is always better to wear flats but if you have to wear heels, don’t take very high ones.

 These are some tips to help you answer How to cure lower backache. Along with that if you are exercising regularly as a part of your Corporate Wellness Program, you’ll be free of any sort of fatigue and body pain and will be able to work with better efficiency. So are you initiating a good Corporate Wellness Program in your office soon? check out our curated packages.

  1. Do Corporate Wellness Programs Work?

    Yes. The Corporate Wellness Program works. They help in the betterment of the health of the employees and break the monotony of the everyday office routine. Helping in improving your employee’s health leads to them remaining motivated and encouraged.

  2. What causes lower backache?

    Incorrect posture while sitting and an uncomfortable chair are some of the major reasons. Along with this, the lack of movement is a major reason behind having a backache.

  3. How to engage employees in a Corporate Wellness Program?

    Participation in the Corporate Wellness Program is usually voluntary when it comes to employees. However if not, then there is always the old trick of providing rewards and incentives. While starting a new activity under the Corporate Wellness Program, add a reward to it. This motivates the workers to engage and participate in the program.

  4. What is included in a Corporate Wellness Program?

    A Corporate Wellness Program can include organization-sponsored fitness sessions, yoga sessions, health seminars, stress management workshops, weight-loss targets or competitions, and regular health check-ups. Anything that improves the health and wellbeing of the employees.

  5. How should one sleep while suffering from lower backache?

    You can try different sleeping positions. Like sleeping flat on your back while placing a pillow under your knees. Or simply try sleeping flat on your back. Another way is by laying on a side, relaxed while having a pillow placed between your knees. This will help you on how to cure lower backache.

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