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Is rain water damaging your hair ?

Come monsoon season and everyone is looking for respite from the scorching summer and of course, making most of the cloudburst and getting drenched to the bone is all you can think about in the first few weeks. But before you can ditch your umbrella and head outdoors, think again. While taking in the rain and splashing in puddles can seem inviting, remember that it will have repercussions on your hair.

Is rainwater good or bad for your hair?

It’s a lot trickier than that. Rainwater is thought to be the purest of soft water sources. However, that’s only true if it doesn’t collect any particles, substances or minerals before it hits the ground. If it does, which happens when it comes in contact with surfaces and pollutants; it can affect one’s hair. The first rains, in particular, are known to be most treacherous as they contain remnant impurities that linger in the atmosphere and lead to acid rain.

How does rain water affect hair?

Although direct rainwater is known to be pure and unpolluted, it’s unsure what it collects on its way down. When hair is exposed to rainwater in certain situations, that’s what causes the most amount of hair damage. When acid rain, which contains chemicals and acids, comes in contact with one’s hair; it strips the tresses of moisture and leaves the hair frizzy and rough.


Does rainwater damage your hair? Depends! If it is acidic, then yes!

In regular instances when one’s hair gets wet in the monsoon, the lingering moisture can weaken the roots and allow bacteria to breed in the moist environment. In this situation, as the hair is not dried evenly, it can lead to hair damage in the strand, which can leave it knotted, dull and dry.

What should we do if our hair gets wet in the rain?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we may try, there’s just no shielding our hair from the effects of the monsoon. Although it’s imperative to carry an umbrella or raincoat whenever you are outdoors, sometimes nothing can spare you from a sudden downpour. Whether rain drops spray from a window or we get caught without an umbrella in a sudden downpour, there’s no winning with because one way or another, hair does end up getting wet.
So if your hair does get unexpectedly wet, follow these hair care tips to make sure it won’t get damaged.
For one, leave your wet hair loose. As unhygienic moistness can trap bacteria in the scalp and cause breakage when tied up tightly, allowing hair to sit loose can allow it to gradually dry.When you do finally have a bath, reach out for the Shampoo and Conditioner. Containing Keratin Actives, this duo will repair the damage done to the hair strand, nourish it deeply and leave your hair smooth, strong and manageable.
Here we have explained to you whether rainwater is truly bad for your hair. It isn’t as bad! However, it is necessary to keep your hair safe from rainwater so that it doesn’t cause unnecessary damage! So keep your self and your hair safe!

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