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How to wear black in style!

Black never goes out of fashion!  From the classic LBD to pulling off an all-black ensemble without looking boring may seem daunting to you. But don’t worry, we have you covered!
One of the best-known icons who wear black is perhaps fashion pioneer Coco Chanel. She summed up our lust for black beautifully when she captured the color black- with all its hues in the perfection of a little black dress. The LBD went on to be an icon in its own right, its legacy still pervading fashion circuits world over.
“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is a perfect harmony.”   ~Coco Chanelbeauty in black
Celebrities have embraced this all-black look when they walk down the red carpet, women have made it their wardrobe staple and yet each time you wear all black it seems to have a new freshness to it.
It looks good on all skin tones, it is said to make you thinner (this one may just be people speak but no one minds looking slimmer so why not!), and for a clumsy person like me I don’t have to worry about unintended spills or accidental stains.

Ladies in the Black club put your hands up!

For someone like me who tends to wear black an awful lot, it is my moral responsibility to spice it up each time I wear black. And as any responsible fashionista, I also feel the duty to pass on my well earned ‘gyaan’ to further the black club cause!

1.Add a quirky element

Be an adventurous girl! Black is said to be a color of mystery. Add to it by carrying a bag in a contrasting color, throwing on a shrug or a layer in a different length. Sometimes an all-black ensemble all-black or shorts with a tee can even be passed off as a dress! Pearls are always a good idea to get a classic silhouette. You can also add a vintage brooch for a more out of the box look.

2.Add a dash of color with a funky lip color

The right lip color can take your outfit from day time casual (think light baby pink) to night time diva (red lips a la Marilyn Monroe). Your lip color can brighten up any somber black outfit. beautyBring on the bling

You can be as bold as you want with your accessories. From statement neck pieces to dangling ear pieces, you can be as experimental as you want. When you wear black, the eyes automatically drift towards color in the look. So choose wisely, the possibilities are endless! You can add a Gothic appeal or go Aztec, it all depends on you! New accessories will make your black outfit into a completely different look each time you wear it.

4.Mix in a few prints

You can keep your look fairly monochromatic but add a little extra dimension by adding prints to your ensemble. Here I have added printed pants to add more depth to my pants. It also acts as a color block and prevents my outfit from looking gaudy!

5.Be experimental with your materials

You can choose a sheer or lace blouse and pair it with leather pants or a cotton skirt. These can again add a new depth to your monochromatic look.

6.Beat it

What better way to break the monochrome than by teaming it with a belt! You can opt for a thin belt or a go for a larger more elaborate one. Belts also help accentuate your waist.

7.Makeup Essentials

Any outfit can fall apart with out of place makeup. But when wearing all black you need to be careful since the focus will invariably be on your face and hence your make up. Go for smoky eyes to add an element of mystique or opt for winged eyeliner for an Amy Winehouse-esque look.
So yes now you know, all black doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘daaku’! Black it out the next time you need to jazz up your look. Remember, no matter what you wear, you are always gorgeous. Just carry off your style with abandon and let the world get dazzled by your confidence.

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