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Home remedies to cure dandruff

The dry white flakes falling off your head can be really embarrassing. It is also an alarming sign for your deteriorating scalp health. With time, like all parts of the body, even cells on your scalp die and shed off. It is the shedding of dead cells from your scalp. A few flakes here and there are normal and a part of the process, however when this amount increases, individuals suffer from the problem of dandruff. This is not just unusual but a sign of unhealthy scalp which needs due attention. When it reaches its worst state, is accompanied by redness and skin irritation. It is a very common scalp disease affecting most of the people, irrespective of the gender and age. Increasing severity of this disease calls for urgent clinical care and medication. Otherwise, it may aggravate into a major health issue.

The culprits of dandruff culprits which cause dandruff

Contrary to popular belief, it not only occurs in winters but also during some unexpected times of the year. It’s because weather conditions don’t alone cause dandruff but the condition of your skin, regular habits, and few other factors impact it as well. So let’s understand a little bit more about what it irritates us.

Lack time to brush your hair

You may often lack time to brush your hair from time to time. Lack of proper brushing often leads to dandruff. In fact, not combing your hair regularly puts you at higher risk of developing it on your scalp.

Yeast attack

Yeast attack is a common cause. When the scalp remains moist and is away from sunlight for a longer duration yeasts begin to develop on the scalp. This is why you find most people suffer from dandruff issues during winters and monsoon. During this time of the year, the sunlight remains low and moisture on your scalp forms a favorable germinating ground for yeasts which promote its formation.

Lack of moisture

You would often find people who suffer from dry skin, also suffering from dandruff issues.  This is because their skin lacks moisture and so does their scalp. As a result of excessive dryness, the flakes shed from the scalp as white flakes. Too much of dryness or when this dryness is left untreated, it may cause irritation, itchy scalp and aggravate the dandruff issue.

Don’t over things

While working for right hair health and hygiene make sure you do not overdo things. Overuse of shampoo and chemicals in the form of hair products may interfere with its health and usual properties and may cause abnormal dryness of the scalp. As a result, dandruff may appear.

Skin diseases

If you are suffering from certain types of skin issues like psoriasis, eczema or other similar skin diseases then it is likely for you to get affected by it. Such skin disorders form an inviting ground for it.
Unfortunately, it causes hair fall hair thinning, acne and some other related issues. It would be great to arrange for effective dandruff treatments soon after you observe warning signs or early traces of dandruff.

Smart ways to get rid of dandruff

ways to get rid of damaging dandruff
The market is flooded with hair products promising a clear scalp and more. Sadly, even some of the best-known hair products cannot permanently solve your dandruff issue. The products treat the external symptoms while the problem is a result of internal issues.  Thankfully, there are a number of easy remedies that can work wonders for you. Let’s take a look at those home remedies for a sustainable solution to this irritating problem.
Tea tree oil
Tea-tree oil is a very effective remedy. Use drops of tea-tree oil to massage your scalp or a shampoo with tea-tree oil. It can significantly reduce dandruff occurrence.
Apple cider
The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar corrects the pH of your scalp. As a result, it prevents the formation of yeasts and your scalp remains clean.
Coconut oil
The humble coconut oil provides required moisture to your scalp and prevents the occurrence of it. Take 3 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and massage your scalp well. This easy home remedy! Hard to believe?
Home remedies go a long way in providing long-term care to some of the most stubborn issues. Follow these home remedies for a healthy scalp and great hair.

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  1. It’s an excellent read. I’ve been struggling with this dandruff problem from past few years and not finding a proper solution to get rid of this. Finally got a detailed article having so many options within really feeling grateful.Thanks for sharing.

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