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Health hacks for daily living!

Health hack for daily living ! : We’ve all seen those cool little life hacks on social media sites. Sometimes it’s the witty duck that’s giving you solutions, from how to remember information for an exam, to how you can smell good for the whole day. And the ease in which they’re all presented seems like the easiest remedy to do (and often, it is.)
The best part? There are hacks even for quick health remedies.
Health hacks work in teaching you how to trick your body. It’s all in the way we function and the connectivity in our system that make them work. These hacks can be a smart solution to when you have an annoying headache or begin feeling nauseous before a presentation, without having to run to a doctor or the bathroom.

12 favorite health hacks!

So here we give you 12 of our favorite health hacks for you to try out like that witty duck suggests:

  1. If you ever start having a stomach ache, or nausea, lift your arms up and don’t breathe. Stay like that for as long as you like or until you feel the pain has gone away. We hope you liked this health hack!
  2. Hiccups bothering you? Cut a lemon in half and suck on it. The acidity will stop your diaphragm from contracting, making the hiccups go away. We hope you liked this health hack!
Hiccups and health hacks!

Did you get those dreaded hiccups?

  1. If you have a headache, you have a couple of remedies ready for it. Applying ice to your temples, drinking coffee, water or ginger tea, eating watermelon, and eating spicy food, are all solutions that will make the pain go away. We hope you liked this health hack!
  2. If you get burned, apply toothpaste. It will sooth the pain and stop the burn. We hope you liked this health hack!
  3. Drinking sufficient water during the day will keep you hydrated at night. Your body will require less effort to function (and not make you get up to grab a glass of water in the middle of a sweet dream).
Burns can be soothed with toothpaste

Toothpaste can soothe burns

4.  Drinking grape juice can help make your migraines subside. We hope you liked this health hack!

5. Burnt your tongue with hot chai? Eat some sugar and let it heal. We hope you liked this health hack
6. When you wash your face before a shower, use hot or warm water to open pores and have a more thorough clean. Then when you                  shower, put the water on cold so the pores will close up and you’ll be less prone to get acne. We hope you liked this health hack!
7. If you can’t sleep, blink fast for about a minute. Your eyes will get tired and you will fall asleep easier. We hope you liked this health hack!
8. If you have a bad tickle in your throat, scratch your ears. It creates a reflex in your throat and causes a muscle spasm that will stop the           itch.
9. If you burn your finger accidentally, clean your skin and press on the affected area with your unburned fingers. It will bring the burnt           skin back to a normal temperature and will be less likely to blister rather than placing ice on it.

Try out health hacks for finger and hand burns

Finger burns can be cured with health hacks from The Aanya!

10. Whenever you eat something heavy or start having a belly ache, sleep on your left side. The esophagus connects at an angle with                  the stomach that when laid to the left, the stomach is lower than the esophagus and gravity will pull the acid down rather than up                 your throat.
Have a troubled stomach? Lie on your left side

Try our health hack for belly ache!

These little helpers will get you through any small health mishap. You can trick your body into getting better with these health hacks and not let the worst of hiccups or an accidental burn stop you from going about your day.

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