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Sunbathing in the morning- What are the benefits, right procedure, and precautions to be taken while sunbathing

The Sun has been considered the pool of power since time immemorial. Its powerful morning rays have such qualities that help in the treatment of many diseases. Sunbathing in the morning is a completely natural way to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. During morning sunbathing, the rays of the sun provide the necessary energy by operating our vascular system or nervous system. Whenever you take sunbathe, it is important to allow more sunlight to reach your spine. This will keep your spine healthy by providing the necessary Vitamin D that is essential for bone health. 

Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of sunbathing and the right way to do it. Let’s begin: 

How to take morning sunbath?

If you are taking a sunbathe, then cover your head. This is necessary because the sun rays should not fall directly on the head while taking a sunbathe. Take breaks in the shade when you get hot.
The right time to sunbathe is at sunrise or before 8 am.  The heat of the sun at this time is tolerable and does not harm the body. After taking a sunbathe, you can take a stroll in the shade or take a bath in water. You can sunbathe from ten minutes to half an hour. It would be better if you start with ten minutes. And after that, you can gradually increase the duration according to your desire and time.
You can also massage the body during sunbathing. Massaging the entire body with mustard oil under the rays of the sun once a week can prove to be more advantageous. 

Morning sunbathing

Cover your head or keep your head in the shade during morning sunbathing

What are the benefits of sunbathing in the morning:

Rich Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C Sunlight is a rich source of calcium which is important for healthy and strong bones. The body receives the necessary calcium and phosphorus during sunbathing. Sunlight keeps the bones of the body strong even in old age. It is beneficial in the treatment of dermatitis and arthritis. 

Increased level of Vitamin D

Sunbathing in the morning not only increases the level of vitamin D but also keeps the weight balanced. Sufficient level of Vitamin D in the body helps in the proper absorption of the calcium. The morning sunlight also helps in the production of WBCs in the body, that work to fight against disease-causing factors. 

Alleviates Stress and anxiety

During sunbathing, the body is energized by massaging and you feel much more energetic. The sunlight also affects the production of the happy hormones, serotonin and endorphins that make you feel good and help you get rid of mental depression, improves your psycho-emotional health and balances body clock-rhythm.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

A morning sunbathe can also help in lowering high blood pressure. It decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke. This also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Regularly taking a sunbathe will not only keep teeth strong but will also improve hair growth. The morning sun rays also keep the immune system healthy. 

Tips of sunbathing

One must follow some tips during sunbathing

Other Benefits

Pregnant women should take sunbathe regularly to get rid of physical fatigue, backache, nausea problem. Besides that, morning sunbathing has many skin benefits. Soaking the powerful rays of the sun clears blood and help you get rid of fungal problems, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin related diseases. 

Precautions to be taken while sunbathing in the morning 

  • If the weather is hot, wake up early in the morning and do it during the sunrise.
  • If you feel dizzy while sitting in front of the sun, contact the doctor.
  • Never sleep under the sun without protection. 
  • If you do take sunbathe for more than half an hour then remember to wear a hat, sunglasses and light coloured clothes.
  • If you have sensitive skin or you are allergic to sunlight, it is better not to do it.
Sunbathing precautions

Precautions should be taken during sunbathing

Sometimes it can be cold if there is less heat in the sun. In such a situation, take off the socks, hat etc. and sit in the sun so that you can get full exposure to the sun. Those who do not have enough time for sunbathing in the morning can also take advantage of the heat of the sun while taking a stroll around the garden area. Also, it is important to keep drinking some water in between to avoid the risk of dehydration. 

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