Your guide to bra sizes

Bras have always been a slightly taboo topic and even today are discussed in hushed voices. A bra is meant to support your breasts but this modern piece of clothing has gone through a long and interesting journey before attaining its current day form. Even today after nearly a century since the first bra hit the scene, many women wear the wrong bra size. While this may not sound serious but is a major concern that can lead to tension in your back, neck, and shoulders and even trigger headaches!

Evolution of your bra


Evolution of bra

The first bras were bandeaus that were worn by athletes in ancient Greece! These were followed by painfully stiff corsets popular among the women in France and the rest of Europe for nearly four centuries with slight alterations. It was only in the late 1800s that French women split their corset into two with a separate bra and underpants. These primitive bras were termed ‘brassiere’ and entered the Oxford dictionary in 1911. In the 1930’s the brassiere was re-christened bra and cup sizes emerged. The first sports bra emerged only in the late 1970s and Victoria’s Secret hit the scene only in 1977!

Is your bra size the right one for you?

Wearing the right bra will accentuate your frame and make you more confident. Here’s what makes a snug perfect fitting bra: your straps rest comfortably on your shoulder, the bra band lies flat on the chest and the cups touch your breasts securely.
If your bra is too tight, your boobs will bulge out. You back will create a nasty bulge. Gaps between your bra and breasts mean you are wearing the wrong cup size. Understanding your bra size is no rocket science. All you need is a mirror, a measuring tape, and this article!
Tips :

  1. Find your band size

Wrap the measuring tape around the bottom of your bust where your bra band is. Don’t measure it too tight. It should be loose enough to allow one finger to enter. Round it to the nearest even number if you get an odd number. 35 inches measurement means your band size is 34.

  1. Find your bust size

Now move the tape a little higher and measure the fullest part of your bust. Check if your tape is snug enough by breathing in and out and allowing the tape to move to its most comfortable position. If you get a decimal number round up to the next whole number.

  1. The calculation bit

Subtract your band size from your bust size and check the table below to get your cup size-

1” A
2” B
3” C
4” D

So if your band size is 34 and the difference between bust size and band size is 2”, then your bra size is 34B.

Cup size DOES NOT relate to breast volume or fullness! It is just the difference between breast and rib cage dimensions.

Types of bras

Now that you know about your bra size, you need to know about the types of bras.

  1. Full cup

    Full cup

What is it: Unsurprisingly the most popular bra type, it gives you maximum support and coverage. They are the most common bra worn by Indian women.
Ideal for: Regular wear

  1. Strapless Bra

What is it: These bras don’t have straps and are only supported by the underhand.
Ideal for: Dresses where you don’t want your straps to be visible

  1. Bralette

What is it: They usually don’t have cups and fit like a sports bra.
Ideal for: When you want your bra to peep through

  1. Demi cup/ Balconette

What is it: Bra with half shaped cups that enhances your frame
Ideal for: Low cut tops and deep neck dresses

  1. Padded Bra

What is it: Bra with padding inside the lining, giving a fuller shape to your body. They just add volume and don’t push up your breasts.
Ideal for: Outfits that show stiff nipples

  1. Plunge Bra

What is it: In the plunge bra, the cups are distant and are joined by a thin band at the bottom.
Ideal for: Clothes with deep plunging necklines

  1. Push-up Bra

What is it: This bra pushes up your breasts and makes them look bigger.
Ideal for: Creating a cleavage

  1. Sports Bra

    Sports bra

What is it: Bra that supports your breasts and is comfortable for vigorous workouts.
Ideal for: Gym workouts
Now that you have a good handle on the types of bras available, we hope that you will make the right choice for yourself. Getting the right bra size is extremely important for your health. Invest in yourself and enjoy the benefits of an amazing bra!

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