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Tired of using makeup to hide those stubborn dark circles? Get rid of dark circles with these superb yoga asanas!

Even with great make-up and good skin, a person can look fatigued and tired due to the presence of dark circles. Lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, spending a lot of time in front of TV or computer screens, and also constant ill-health are some of the major reasons behinds dark circles. Dark circles are also caused due to the decreased blood flow to the face and lack of oxygen. Many Yoga experts believe that by increasing the blood flow to face you can get rid of dark circles. 

So, instead of trying various cosmetic and chemical methods to get rid of them, try yoga for getting rid of dark circles. 

Shambhavi Mudra benefits

Top benefits of Shamabhavi mudra

Shambhavi Mudra

The practice of Shambhavi mudra helps to awaken the Ajna Chakra. It is a form of meditation. Its job is to awaken the vital chakras of our body. Apart from this, this posture helps to keep the mind calm, relieve tension and stretch the muscles around the eyes. Shambhavi mudra is gazing at the eyebrow centre. With our eyes, we cannot see the meeting place of the two eyebrows. Here, the aim is to focus the vision between the eyebrows. This is a great method to get rid of dark circles. 


Well-known as the forward standing bend pose, this asana is one of the best asanas one can perform to get rid of dark circles. Hastapadotasna stretches out the muscles of nearly all parts of the body, resolves digestive disorders, invigorates the nervous system and helps increase the blood flow to your face. It is also recognized to relieve any stomach disorders and help tone the muscles of the abdomen. 

Dark circles yoga

Top yoga poses for removing dark circles


To begin this pose, you need to kneel down on the floor and cross your ankles such that the front of the right ankle crosses over the back of the left ankle. Lean forward and place the palms between your knees on the floor but the fingers facing back towards the body. Open the eyes and focus your gaze on the centre of your brow or tip of your nose. Inhale and open your mouth and stretch out your tongue. Curl its tip toward the chin. Exhale as you produce a distinct ‘ha’ sound. Roar a few times and change the cross of your leg and repeat the asana.

Dark circles Asana

Get rid of dark circles with Simhasana

Surya Namaskar

It is one of the best asanas that help you lead a healthy life. Surya Namaskar has a deeper relaxing effect and also has a deep effect in detoxifying the organs through copious oxygenation. It is a sequence of 12 physical positions. These alternating forward and backward bending postures stretch and flex the spinal column giving a deep stretch to the whole body. Surya Namaskar practise enables to eliminate the toxins through the skin and helps to prevent pimples, wrinkles, spots, dark circle and boils. This is an effective practice for getting fresh and fair complexion.

Yoga centres

Top Yoga centres in Delhi NCR


For this posture, sit in the action of Padmasan means that your right leg is on the left thigh and the left leg is on the right thigh. After this,  inhale slow and deep for about 3 seconds and join the palms in namaskar mudra and stretch the hands upward over the head. Now pull the body and hands well upwards with keeping your hips on the floor and feel the deep stretch in the body. Maintain the final pose for as long as possible. Exhale and then release the pose and slowly return to the starting pose. This helps to circulate the blood to the face and reduce dark circle round your eyes. 

Viparita Karani

Well-known as the legs up the wall pose is another effective yoga pose when it comes to reducing dark circles. It is not only beneficial in calming the mind, relieving lower back pain and stretching out the back but also enhances the blood flow to your face and head. One among the greatest benefits of this asana is that it helps let go of the cramps in the leg and back. According to Ayurveda, stress and lack of sleep are the foremost cause for dark circles and this Viparitakarani targets exactly those areas. 

Viparita Karani benefits

Health benefits of Viparita Karani are well known


Shavasana is one of the favourite yoga poses for lazy people. This is the ending yoga posture to relax your whole body from workouts. You should end your yoga performing session with Shavasana. If performed regularly, you will get its maximum benefits. This yoga for dark circles and puffy eyes will slowly cure the problems in a few days and at the same time, your skin around the eyes would be brightened and lightened. This yoga also helps in making your entire face lighten with a glow.


Shavasana and dark circles

Shavasana for removing dark circles

Apart from these the above-stated yoga asanas, you can also try some face-yoga exercise to help get rid of dark circles and signs of ageing. 

With the help of the above yoga asanas, you can remove the dark circles under the eyes. Along with these yoga activities, you can also take the help of some home remedies to take care of your skin and eyes. For example, keeping cold slices of cucumber on the eyes also makes little difference. Also, drink plenty of water to get rid of the dark circles. 

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