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Foundation vs BB Cream

Foundation vs BB cream:  Which is better?

In the fast moving era of changing lifestyles and preferences, makeup has also changed at a fast pace. What was the foundation of the makeup base has now been replaced by other techniques and products? One classic example is BB cream, which changed the way foundation was used.

Foundation of makeup

When it was only the foundation that existed in the beauty market, a common perception was about its use. Foundation was primarily used for party or event makeups. Generally, thick coverage that would give you an even and luminous skin tone, foundation seldom came with moisturizing properties. It was a norm to apply moisturizer before applying foundation.
Inventions and researchers gave birth to foundations that came infused with moisturizing benefits. This took care of one aspect. But the perception about using it only for parties remained the same. Too much of foundation would give your face a made-up look. So what to apply on face for the daytime? To combat this issue, came in the Blemish Balm or BB cream.

What is BB Cream?

BB creams were introduced as base makeup for the face which you can use for the day. This has lighter coverage than foundation hence would fit in for natural day makeup.   It somewhere falls between a tinted cream and foundation and is often called all-in-one makeup with loads of benefits like hydration, evens out redness, protects skin and conceals blemishes and even good for acne-prone skin. BB cream texture allows your skin to breathe while feeling natural and light.  

Difference between foundation and BB cream


Since foundations are relatively thicker, they have more coverage than BB creams. The latter is better in case you want a day look or heading outside for short while.

Color tone/shade options

Foundations come with a wide variety of colors to suit every skin tone.  BB creams come with limited options. They are more in whitish tones to fade into your natural skin tone. Hence a light skin tone or very dark skin tone would show patchy on wearing BB cream. These creams usually come in light, medium or dark shades. A maximum variety of BB creams would be between3-4, whereas foundations have more than 20 shades to choose from.


As the name suggests BB cream is available only in liquid or cream form. Foundations come in a variety ranging from powder, liquid or stick.


It is recommended to apply BB Cream with your fingertips. On the other hand, a foundation can be applied with sponge, brush or fingertips. Foundation can also be sprayed or air-brushed on the face while BB cannot be.


BB cream has higher SPF content which makes it ideal for daily use. Foundation may or may not have SPF. In case they do, it’s always lesser than BB cream.


BB cream has a built-in primer. You can apply BB cream directly on the skin without applying primer. Foundations more often do not have primers, application of which is necessary before foundation.


BB cream has moisture in it. Hence you need not apply moisturizer before applying BB cream. However, those with dry skin may have to apply moisturizer before BB cream. Foundations do have moisturizing properties. Yet they can dry out your skin if you skip applying moisturizer beforehand.
When it comes to skincare, there is nothing right or wrong. You have to choose what is good for skin or what suits you the best. The choice between BB cream and foundation hence depends on the time of the day, occasion, skin-type, and benefits that you want to avail. For natural day look or if you are outdoors, BB cream is the most recommended while foundation would be ideal for parties, evening look or while getting ready for functions.

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