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Food for thick and long hair

Food for healthy and long hair: When talking about beauty, one of the first things that come to mind is a luscious lock. Whether it’s the lion’s beautiful mane or Zayn Malik’s picture on every billboard of the hip and happening salons, society has always portrayed hair to be an integral part of beauty, attraction and health. So, alongside factors such as dandruff, graying of hair and baldness, scalp infections are a serious hindrance to hair growth. But the solution to these problems and hindrances lie in our diet and what we eat on a regular basis.

The fascination for long hair

The fascination for long hair among women has been an age old story. Advertisements boasting of products to get strong long hair, all feature women with such beautiful manes to make almost every woman jealous. So, how do women try and achieve this desire? They go to parlors or invest in drugs or artificial vitamins which most of the time does nothing but exhaust time, money and energy. For growing thick and long hair, we can turn to home remedies, which are anyway much more effective in the longer run.

Some Home Remedies for Long Hair

  1. Use Castor Oil to massage your scalp, as it contains essential nutrients which can improve blood circulation and promote hair growth
  2. A head massage is really very useful as those fingertips help to stimulate scalp function and promotes blood circulation.
  3. A popular trick is to flip your head and hair upside down; gravity assists in this case, by improving the blood flow to your scalp and follicles.
  4. Yoga and other activities that help you remain stress-free. The everyday stress from the hustle and bustle can actually impede your hair growth.
  5. Modify your diet to include food for long hair.

Foods that can help you grow thick and long hair

  1. Salmon: This tasty fish is packed with hair-friendly Vitamin D and protein which helps the hair follicles to develop and flourish. The 3rd ingredient, omega-3-fatty acids are extremely beneficial for hair growth and can really make a difference when you’re trying to grow out your hair.
  2. Yellow Pepper: Also called Capsicum, this kitchen ingredient is not just excellent when added to pasta and dishes but it is extremely helpful when you’re trying to grow your hair. Yellow Bell Peppers have a huge amount of vitamin C (even more than oranges) which help the hair follicles by increasing their strength and thus, help those with brittle hair and prevents breakage. They contain a whopping 341 milligrams of vitamin C which is also a very good dermatological ingredient. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which quickly gets rid of the built up unstable oxygen radicals, letting your skin and hair breathe.
    Yellow Bell Peppers have a huge amount of vitamin C (even more than oranges) which help the hair follicles by increasing their strength and thus, help those with brittle hair and prevents breakage.

    Yellow Pepper

  3. Eggs: ‘Sunday ho ya Monday Roz Khao Ande’ was a very popular rhyme you must’ve heard growing up exposed to Indian media and television. It basically signifies how important eggs can be for your daily diet. They come with a huge amount of proteins and other nutrients which make up for the lack of essential amino acids that you might forget to include in your daily diet. It helps you balance your diet and can also help you with your locks. Eating eggs provide you with the essential hair building nutrients – biotin and omega-3-acids. Both of which the yolk provide, rather than egg whites. In fact, eating too many egg whites can actually be pretty harmful in the absorption of biotin.
  4. Sunflower Seed: Rich in Vitamin E, these seeds can not only be planted to yield the beautiful flower but be helpful to you when you turn towards home remedies for a long and thick mane.
    Being rich in Vitamin E, sunflower seed is one of the best home remedy for having a thick and long hair

    Sunflower Seed

These 4 foods have been recommended by Harvard and Yale Trichologists that guarantee to help you grow the hair you have always desired.

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