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Increase your fertility with these super foods !

A fertile woman is a happy woman. Well, at least she should be according to us! Every woman in this world desires to have a child and a family of her own. Having excellent fertility ensures that this dream of any woman comes true. Female fertility is defined as a woman’s potential to conceive a biological child and if a female is expecting one then she needs to choose her lifestyle choices carefully. According to research, eating specific type of food can improve the ovulatory function.  Other factors that play a major role in female fertility is your age. The greater your age, the greater lesser your chances of conceiving become. Older women have eggs that aren’t fertilized easily as compared to younger ones. Other medical issues



can contribute to female fertility problems such as excessive blood in the prolactin and other conditions affecting the uterus and ovulation. A healthy diet is a must for fertility.
Here are some healthy food items for to improve female fertility :
1.) Beans:
When you are pregnant, your body requires more iron content in order to increase red blood cells (RBC’s) of your growing baby. It also helps in the progress of the fetus and the placenta to grow.  Eating the right amount of beans will promote the cognitive
development of the baby.
 2.) Multivitamins:
fertility food


Multivitamins have gained much popularity in the recent years due to the successful results for both baby and mom. A pregnant lady must take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and also 40 to 80 milligrams of iron. According to a study, women who take vitamins are less likely to experience infertility as compared to who didn’t.  Multivitamins are the safest option for women.
3.) Milk:
Milk provides an adequate amount of nutrients to pregnant women. According to USDA recommendations, a pregnant lady must consume at least 3 glasses of milk every day. They should drink Nonfat and low-fat milk than reduced fat and whole milk as they contain saturated fats in high amount. Milk is also very rich in calcium and it is must for your bones to meet your baby’s requirement.
4.) Vegetables and fruits :
Fresh is best. Fruits and vegetables should be a topmost priority when it comes to a healthy pregnancy diet. Have a bowl of strawberries and you will be successful in providing your unborn child with vitamins and minerals for progress. If you take in a rich diet of vegetables during this period, it will be good for your weight.
5.) Yams :
If you’re fond of eating Yams, then don’t quit eating them during your pregnancy! Yams are completely healthy and they contain a good amount of Vitamin B6.  Vitamin B6 prevents low birth weight in babies and also can protect from morning sickness that pregnant ladies often experience. Yams are rich in Iron. Iron helps in prevention of premature births.
6.) Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes contain a high amount of nutritional content. A  cup of sweet potato is highly recommended on a daily basis as it contains Vitamin A, B6, and C in high doses. But you must consume them in a limited amount.
We hope you liked our list of superfoods for pregnant women. We believe that pregnancy is a life-changing event and utmost care should be taken during this period. So do make sure you eat the right kind of food to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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