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Floating crease look this season

Floating crease look this season:

The new makeup that’s in trend is the floating crease look as everyone wants bold eyes. It is different from cut crease look. It includes a line that sits near the upper crease of your eye, almost mid-way between your eyelashes and eyebrow. The thin line runs all along the length of your eye stopping just short of the outer end. It requires less color and is a very graphic approach. It is done in a subtle way. To do floating eyes you can take any color that suits your mood and outfit. You can also use contrasting colors for a funky look. To create floating crease all you need to do is:

  1. Put primer on your eyes before starting with the eye makeup.

Primer love!

     2. Put on a base colour eye shadow and cover the whole eyelids.

Show some base eye colour love!

     3. Then swipe the colour on the centre of the lids and blend it properly.

Centre of the lids!

Now close your eyes and make an arc with an eyeliner of your choice where your eyes naturally fold. And a floating crease look is created. Following these steps, floating crease is created. It is the perfect look for any event as eyes will do the talking.

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