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Easy tricks to add volume to your hair

Worried about thin hair? Well, most of the women do stress out over hair thinning or low hair volume. They try several products but nothing seems to work. Fret not, as here we present to you easy DIY tricks that would add volume to your hair in no time.  

1.Change your hair parting

If you have been parting your hair in the center or left side of the head since a long time, your hair takes that direction naturally. Strands bend naturally in that parting direction and start to cluster or stick together. Try to switch the part and see the instant volume your hair would get. This happens because hair lifts away from the scalp, and makes the top of your head look voluminous.

2.Blow-dry upside down

In the usual course, hair is blow-dried from the scalp to the end in the direction of the hair. However, try blow drying upside down if you have thin hair and have been looking for volume. Blow drying upside down will work because your roots would lift off your scalp. You can smooth the ends with dry brush in the end or iron the ends. This would manage your hair well without making them look like a lion’s mane.  

3.Root Lift

When your hair stays close to the scalp, naturally they look thin and stuck together. You would need to lift the hair roots at your scalp to create an illusion of volume. Lift your hair at the roots and wrap 2 inches sections around a hairbrush or hair presser. Blow dry at the scalp towards the lifted roots and pull upwards. This process would make your hair look bouncy and voluminous.

4.Baking soda

Mix one part of baking soda in three parts of water. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Wash your hair once a week. Your scalp would feel squeaky clean and your hair would get a good shine as well as volume.

5.Massage your scalp

It is important for your scalp to have good blood circulation. This helps nourish your scalp and makes hair healthy. Use few drops of lightweight hair oil to massage gently on the head before washing with shampoo. Your hair follicles would feel healthy and bounce with new life.  

6.Use dry shampoo

When life becomes a bit hectic leaving you with less time for yourself, in come the innovations of the market to ease your life. Dry shampoo is one of them. These not only make absorb excess oil from the scalp but also help volumize fine hair texture too.

7. Try a curvy or wavy hairstyle

Ask your hairstylist to give you a haircut that would make your thin hair look voluminous. In case you want to try a style at home this is what you can do: Post wash, let your hair turn damp. Divide your hair in two and make large braids. Let your hair dry completely. Unfold the plaits, and gently run your fingers through your hair. The wavy curvy pattern would form in your hair giving an illusion of full body.
You may want to use volumizing shampoos or conditioners to your hair regimen. In addition to it, do try the above methods as well. These easy, cost-effective and most efficient ways would leave you with a smile on your face. You have our word!

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