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Dump these fairness myths right now!

Dump these fairness myths right now: Fair skin has always been the centre of attraction despite favouritism for the dusky complexion. The craze for lighter complexion has been pushing people – men and women alike, to the extreme end of experimentation. The market is flooded with products promising fair skin. With the increase in popularity of cosmetic cures for fair complexion, the obsession with fair skin has reached new limits. Men also have started taking great interest in this area nowadays. But, why does this desire for fairer skin exist? Mostly, it is due to the idea that fair skin is better than darker skin. This is not even one bit true. Skin colour is dependent on the level of melanin present.

What are some fairness myths in the market?

The buzz around fairness has however given rise to a number of myths which are increasing the craze. Hence, these myths must be broken with facts. The biological constituent of your body cannot be changed but only modified to an extent. The modification or improvement needs to be an internal process; else the effect would be short-lived. Let’s take a look at some of the many fairness myths that you might frequently encounter.

Fairness myths are to be busted!

Fairness myths have ruined many lives!

Myth 1: Avoid the sun to transform your skin colour

The pigmentation of your skin decides your skin colour, not the external factors. Exposure to the sun and its impact on your skin is an external factor. If you develop tan due to harsh sun rays then it would be for a shorter period of time and it is definitely not your skin colour. If you have been avoiding sun rays for a long time, then you are only depriving your body of vitamin D. It is an essential vitamin for your body and lack of it may cause a number of health issues. So face the sun without any worries.

Myth 2: Using cosmetic products externally can improve your skin complexion.

Unfortunately, even some of the best-known fairness creams cannot change the original complexion of your skin, the colour you were born with. Skin colour is the result of internal components. When you use cosmetic products it comes in contact with your epidermis and tries to lighten your skin colour but it is the melanin which is responsible for your body colour.

Myth 3: Skin treatments are best suited for getting fair skin

Skin treatment again is an external procedure which might treat the skin and try to remove the dead cells, impurities and dirt deposits because of pollution. However, it cannot treat the elements responsible for your original skin colour. Using too much of skin treatment may further expose your skin to damage. It may cause burns or the chemical reaction which would further darken your skin complexion.

Beauty treatments

What affects your skin colour?

If you are born with a fair skin, chances are you might lose your original skin complexion over years due to certain factors. Here are some factors which might darken your original fair complexion.

  1. Harmful UV rays of the sun are one of the most dominant reasons for skin darkening. The rays are so intense that it nearly burns the skin cells causing skin darkening.
  2. Pollution is another common reason behind darkening of your skin complexion. Excessive pollution and suspended dust particles tend to deposit on your skin when you are out. With sweat and skin secretions it forms a layer on your outer skin. This layer makes your skin dull and further darkens it.
  3. Eating excessive salty and oily food. Presently, most of our food habits have changed and it is also one of the reasons to blame a darkening complexion. Consuming too much of salty food add toxins to your blood which darkens your skin.
  4. Lack of sleep and physical activity can also harm your skin color. Sleep is an essential element for the proper functioning of your body which included smooth blood circulation, digestion, and other metabolic activities. Due to improper sleep, your body’s metabolism gets disturbed, invites toxins and as a result, your skin complexion gets darkened.

Home remedies to help dump fairness myths

There are a number of effective home remedies for fairness which can help you minimise the impact of external factors which damages your original complexion. Let’s take a look at them.

 home remedies for fairness

Honey is a great remedy for fairness!

  • The citric acid in lemon is known as a superior bleaching agent. You can cut a lemon into two and scrub it over your face to peel off the dead cells.
  • Mix equal quantity of honey and lemon juice and apply on your skin. Allow it to dry for some time and then wash it off with water.
  • Mix two spoons of curd and one spoon of honey. Apply the mixture to your skin and allow your skin to absorb it. Wash it off and after continuing this for some time to get a lighter complexion.

Well, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article about fairness myths. India, as a nation, suffers greatly from the promotion of the idea that white skin is the best! Hopefully, this article has helped busts myths that prevent a challenge to dark-skinned women from India and around the world. No skin colour is better than the other!

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