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Different techniques of hair removal

The concept of beauty has undergone massive transformation and all of your visible body is in focus. Having fair skin and well-trimmed hair is not enough. Manicured hand and leg, well-toned body, without any trace of body hair, is most desirable. Smooth skin is highly preferred, not just by girls but even by men!  Men even prefer to go for body waxing instead. The number of men who are interested in hair removal is only increasing with time.  There has been a growth in the number of salons for men.

Effective ways of hair removal 

Hair follicles are forcefully removed by trained experts. Traditional methods of hair removal have been ditched because most of them were painful and even unhygienic to some extent. Here are some of the most effective ways of hair removal in practice.


  •  hair removalShaving is one of the most common hair removal processes practice. Besides men, it has been embraced by women at the same time for getting rid of their unwanted body hair. Sharp razor makes sure that your body hair is removed but it has also resulted in ingrown hairs, especially in the pubic region. It is popular mainly because of its ease of use and cost-effectiveness.


  • Women also go for plucking of their body hairs. This method of body hair removal is also known as tweezing and is particularly used for areas with less body hair. Plucking is comparatively more painful and experts’ advice to use this method only for areas with less hair. Regular plucking can cause ingrown hair and even result in scars. So if you going for it, be very cautious to avoid undesirable results.

Depilatory Creams

  • If you do not have much time for visiting parlors or running out of energy for hair removal than depilatory creams are your thing. This is a special type of hair removal cream which can be used by anyone and takes very less time to do away with your unwanted body hair. When you apply this cream on your body, it dissolves the hair follicles and you can easily remove the hair with a spatula. However, it exposes you to the risk of skin burn and even allergic reactions. So it would be wise to test the cream by applying it on your hands for some time. If it causes no allergic reaction then you can use it for hair removal.

Hot waxing

  • When you approach beauty experts for hair removal, you would be treated with hot waxing. This is one of the ideal ways of hair removal and also a safe option. Melted wax is applied all over the area to pull out your body hair with hair removing tissues. If you are trying this at home check the temperature of the heated wax before applying else you may cause skin burn.


  • Another process of hair removal is one of the traditional hair removal methods in practice in India since long. It’s called threading. The process involves the use of a thread, twisting it in some definite patterns your unwanted body hairs are plucked out.

The above-listed ways are some of the most effective ways and all of them are being successfully used by experts and individuals for getting rid of their unwanted body hair. However, these do not offer the permanent solution for hair removal. Body hair would grow again and become the cause of discomfort.

Permanent solutions for hair removal removal

permanent solutions for hair removal
Besides the traditionally practiced ways of hair removal, there are very effective hair removal methods which can permanently stop body hair growth. Laser hair removal is a popular treatment for permanent hair removal. This method involves using the concentrated laser light that damages the hair follicle hard enough to prevent its further growth. Applying laser rays prevent hair growth in the area for about six months to one year. The effect may even last longer for some people; it varies from person to person.

Laser hair removal

This method is used for removing hair from different parts of the body. Laser hair removal for the face is mostly popular because it seamlessly removes unwanted hair and for a longer period of time. This brings the focus on the current trend in laser and is widely used by people from all age groups.
Do away with undesirable body hair for a polished look that so perfectly complements your personality. With so many options, pick the one that would best suit your need and got for it!

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