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12 benefits of Dead Sea salt you should know about!

Who knew that a sea in the Middle East,  would be a storehouse of so many minerals? Deriving its name from the absence of marine life, Dead Sea is high on minerals which have been a part of several cosmetics for many years. The salt which is extracted from Dead Sea water is extremely bitter and inedible but super beneficial for skin and hair. Needless to say why tourists flock in large numbers to the Dead Sea for a mud bath.

Dead Sea minerals!

  1. PotassiumReduces water retention and puffiness in skin

      2. MagnesiumProtects skin from allergies, speeds of healing of skin tissue
      3. Zinc Fights acne, protects skin from sunburns
      4. CalciumPromotes cell renewal prevents wrinkles
      5. Bromide Revives dull complexion, calms nerves, soothes skin
      6. Sulfur Promotes hair growth, detoxifies skin
The above is an indicative list of the minerals widely found in the Dead Sea salt. Here are the benefits that you can derive from the miraculous salt.

Benefits of a miraculous salt!

     1.   Gently exfoliates skin
Given the slight abrasive texture of the salt, it removes dry flakes and dead cells from skin. You can mix honey or coconut oil with this salt to scrub away dullness and dead cells.  

  1.    Purifies skin pores

The rich minerals lend disinfectant and detoxifying properties to Dead Sea salt which clean your skin pores. All accumulated sebum, germs, dirt and dead cells are flushed out, making your skin squeaky clean. Mix equal parts of salt and honey to scrub on face and wash with lukewarm water.   

  1.    Treats dandruff

Who could ever imagine getting rid of dandruff with the help of salt? Dead Sea salt’s sulfur and sodium content aid in cleansing the scalp and growth of yeast. We recommend making a paste of 1 teaspoon each of salt, oat flour and honey to massage on scalp for five minutes before washing hair. Dandruff would start receding since first wash.

  1.    Busts acne

You need not scratch those irritating pimples or worry about those scars anymore. Dead Sea salt, loaded with sulfur and zinc, effectively work on acne and stop their build up in future.  

  1.    Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

The presence of calcium in this salt promotes youthful skin. Combined with other minerals, Dead Sea salt reduces the depth of wrinkles beside, hydrating, detoxifying and softening skin. You can be sure of getting rid of free radicals responsible for skin aging.

  1.    Eases skin roughness

Those with rough cracked heels or dry rough skin around knees and elbows must try Dead Sea salt for softer skin. Add a quarter cup of salt and half lemon in hot water tub. The warm bath will relieve your skin of dryness and flakiness.

  1.    Calms skin’s itchiness

Itchiness on skin happens due to microbes or fungal infection. Dead Sea salt disinfects skin and soothes the pain caused by extensive scratching.

  1.     Whitens teeth

Say bye bye to your dentist or expensive teeth whitening products. Just mix half teaspoon baking powder with a pinch of Dead Sea salt and little warm water. Apply on teeth with toothbrush leaving on for two minutes and then rinse with water. Follow this ritual every ten days to see plague free, stain free, whiter teeth.

  1.   Hydrates skin

Extremely dry skin can be treated with Dead Sea salt effortlessly. The salt improves the skin’s lipid barrier and replenishes the lost moisture.  

  1.  Diminishes stretch marks

Exfoliating with Dead Sea salt would erase those ugly stretch marks that have given you sleepless nights. Follow it up with Dead Sea mud or moisturize with bio-oil.

  1.  Makes nails healthy & bright

Create your own manicure bar at home with ingredients easily available at home. Just mix one teaspoon Dead Sea salt with 2 teaspoons water and few drops of olive oil. Soak your nails in the solution for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. This process will treat yellow, brittle, weak or soft nails gradually.   

  1.  Relieves stress, anxiety and muscle tension

Bromide reduces muscle cramps as well as calms nerves. Sodium relieves stiffness and soreness in muscles. A warm bath in Dead Sea salt hence proves extremely beneficial for these problems in your body.

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