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Daily Beauty Challenge: 7 New Looks In 7 Days via personalized healthcare

Beauty look, personalized healthcare

Daily Beauty Challenge: 7 New Looks In 7 Days: Looking for makeup inspirations? You’ve come to the right place. Take up this daily beauty challenge under personalized healthcare and belter on these amazing 7 looks for 7 days. From simple to different to dramatic, we’ve got you covered.

7 Looks 7 Ways in 7 Days

Day 1: Cat eyed classic Red

Ah, classics. Let’s start with a vintage sensation, the bold red lip colour and the perfect winged cat eyes. This look is simple yet very appealing. Just apply moderate makeup, foundation, concealer, mascara and add a bold red lip to it. Apply winged black liquid liner. And you have yourself the beautiful Classic Red look under personalized healthcare.

Day 2: Kohl-ed Smokey eyes

Makeup is an art.

Again, not too fancy but super glamorous – the kohl and smoky eyes. You can pair your makeup with whatever lip colour you like. The focus point of this look is the eyes.  So, use a decent amount of base makeup with well-defined eyes. This is a perfect nightout look and also great for festive seasons. Just apply shadow onto your eyelids and smudge it with a cotton swab. Sweep shimmery grey shadow over the upper lids and blend it up beyond the crease.

Day 3: Dewy skin

Dewy skin looks natural and glows; it is great for the summers. Easy peasy, mix a little foundation with moisturizer. This will give your face a dewy finish as it will only slightly cover up. Apply a small amount of base powder, go for a light eyeshadow like grey, gold, silver or copper. Choose a pale or nude colour for lips. And voila! The perfect natural glow up looks for a bright sunny day.

Day 4: Glitter it up

This is where things start heating up. The glitter looks are all over the world. Whether it is glitter highlighters or glitter eyeshadow or even the glitter lipstick; glitter is gorgeous. And so we have this glitterati look, especially for your festive self. You can do give yourself this look in the following two ways. One, you apply base makeup and wear a dark lip or a nude lip. And pair a dark lip with silver or gold glitter highlighter and the nude lip with a pink glitter. Or you can have the glitter eyes, in absolutely any colour.

Day 5: Urban sun glow

Under personalized healthcare, this look has a very summer kind of vibes and beachy makeup. Just start with outlining your eyes with a golden, peach or grey shadow; throw on voluminous mascara on upper and lower lashes. Use white pencil instead of the black one that most of the women use to line the lower rim of your eyes. Slather on some glittery nude gloss on lips and skin illuminator on apples of the cheeks.

Day 6: Winter Wonderland

Wakeup and makeup.

This look can be done in two ways, a pink tone or a blue tone. Use a cream blusher. Just dab a small quantity on cheeks and blend it towards the temples.  A cream blusher in winters will retain the skin oils on your face, giving it a dewy glow. During summers, apply a matte powder blusher. It creates a smooth texture on cheeks, which will absorb the extra skin oils as well. Rouge on the apples of the cheeks can make you look years younger! Get the perfect rosy cheeks with this look.

Day 7: Berry Lip

Your makeup has the power to make you happy.

This last one is a badass. It’s a Goth-inspired feminine makeup look that really stands out. Just apply a light base of foundation with moisturizer. You don’t want a lot of layers of makeup for this as it is a nude effect. Then, apply a generous coat of mascara and a very dark berry shade lipstick.
Each of these looks holds a different aura and vibes and are inspired by the red carpet looks and trends. To get the right balance of simple yet glam. Take up this beauty challenge and tell us your favorite ones!

We truly hope you found this article helpful. To know more, you can always visit our website or book a preventive healthcare consultation session to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions to your problems.

  1. What type of makeup is needed for a natural look?

    To create a natural makeup look, you want to choose a foundation with light to medium coverage, as a heavy foundation can almost erase your features.

  2. What is no makeup- makeup look?

    “No makeup” makeup is basically the bare minimum, focusing more on the steps of application than the number of products. 

  3. At what age does glow up happens?

    Glow ups are usually complete as early as the summer before your junior year or as late as the summer after your senior year.

  4. How do celebrities get glowing skin?

    Have a Monthly Facial. Facials have been a celebrity skin care staple since their inception, and for good reason. 

  5. Is cold water good for the skin?

    Cold water tightens the appearance of your skin, so it may make you look renewed and refreshed. It also helps boost your circulation, which can help give your skin a healthier appearance, albeit temporarily.

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