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Here is why you should consume custard apple

Among all the fruits available in the market, here is the sweetest one; custard apple. No, we do not put this in custard. Called Sitaphal in Hindi, Ramayana has the narrative of goddess Sita consuming custard apple during her forest exile. It probably derives its name from there. Also, literally translating it meaning from Sanskrit word “Sheet” which means cold and “phal” meaning fruit, custard apple is perhaps called so because of its cooling properties which give a cooling effect to our body.
So, what does this light green, scaly-skinned fruit have? To be frank, this is a storehouse of benefits that you may not have been aware of. If only the market was not flooded with banana, apple, mangoes and oranges, sitaphal or shareefa too would have been in your food system. Here are some amazing benefits of this fruit:

Nutritional value of custard apple

Vitamin A

It keeps skin and hair healthy besides beneficial for eyes.

Vitamin C

It is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents diseases.  


Copper  the best medicine for constipation


Potassium helps you keep active, fight muscle weakness and gets rid of lethargies.


Fiber helps in smooth digestion, helps you feel full and maintains appetite.


It maintains water balance in human body. It is extremely beneficial for arthritis pain as it removes acid from the joints.
100 gm of custard apple would give you 80-100 calories, 68g protein, 20 g carbohydrates, 17.6mg calcium and 0.9g fiber. Traces of iron, carotene, and other minerals are also found in custard apple.

How does custard apple help?

1. Custard apple helps to strengthen immunity. As an excellent source of Vitamin C, it furnishes anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. One custard apple a day will keep infectious agents away.   
2.Vitamin A extends its benefits to give you healthy skin and hair. It keeps skin moisturized and slows skin aging. The fruit’s pulp can be used to treat boils and skin ulcers.
3.Prevents strokes and heart attacks with its rich content of magnesium. Also potassium content helps keep blood pressure under control.
4. Custard apple is a good source of Vitamin A which gives good eyesight.
5.You can treat anemia with sita phal. Iron content in the fruit treats gout, iron and B6 deficiency.
6.The fruit has anti-cancerous properties. With compounds like acetogenin and alkaloids, the risk of cancer and renal failure go down. These act against cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. The presence of fiber protects the colon membrane by keeping away toxins from the gut. Miraculously it also works to prevent breast cancer.
7. Custard apple helps you gain weight. If consumed regularly with honey, it will aid in weight gain for those who are underweight.
8.It aids in digestion due to a good content of fiber and copper. It eases bowel movement and relieves from constipation. The fruit also prevents stomach related diseases like gastritis, heartburn, ulcer, and acidity.
9. Highly recommended for diabetic patients for two reasons. One, the fruit has natural sugar which does not harm the body. Secondly, the fiber content slows down the absorption of sugar.
10. Custard apple replenishes the low energy and fights fatigue or muscle weakness. Consume one fruit every day and you would not need any pill for energy.
11. It helps maintain a strong dental system. The skin of the fruit fights tooth and gum pain.
12. Cures morning sickness in pregnant women. It has the power to ward off nausea, food cravings, mood swings and numbness during pregnancy. Those who are lactose intolerant, it serves as a good alternative to dairy products.
13. Good amount of copper present in custard apple cures brittleness of bones
14. Copper ensures good hemoglobin level in expecting mothers besides reducing chances of premature delivery
15. Consistent intake of this super fruit reduces the chances of rheumatism and other forms of arthritis since it quite helpful in flushing out of disproportionate levels of acid from the body.
Have one custard apple every day and reap the amazing benefits. A fruit which has a mention in the holy book of Ramayana certainly has a great religious value too. Besides this, the great advantages that this fruit has been unique. Try for yourself!

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