Complete guide to an awesome college wardrobe + makeup!

College marks the beginning of a new life! Not only is it a time of fun and carefree days, it is also a sacred stepping stone that can lead us to the fulfillment of our great dreams. College life is also a breath of fresh air after the rigorous school routine. No makeup, no boyfriends, no girlfriends. No fun!  College gives us our much-needed freedom. With fashion trends changing every day and with the new makeup trends coming up, it is hard to choose the right attire and makeup for college. Deciding what to wear,  what to pair with what is quite time-consuming with a busy early morning schedule. But some quick tricks and tips can make life easy. Get ready to shine, not just in your career, but also in your fashion choices!

  1. A pair of denim is the best thing to go for. Denim can be paired with almost any kind of top/shirt. Keep in hand, at least two pair of denim- black and blue, they are the safest option.
  2. Stock up on cotton clothes as they are super comfortable. For those long boring classes, they are perfect!
  3. Wear ballerinas flats, converse, chapels and flats instead of high heels.
  4. With very little time on hand in the morning, it gets difficult to look perfect every day. Carry a colorful scarf and throw it on your attire to add that extra jazz to your outfit.
  5. Shrugs or jackets can always make a boring outfit, stylish within moments. For those after college parties or hangouts, throw on a nice shrug or jacket and your look is taken care of!
  6. For makeup in college – less is more.  A tinted lip balm should be a handbag essential. It not only takes care of the lips but also adds that nice touch that you need.
  7. Wearing foundation to college may not everyone’s cup of tea. BB creams are a great alternative. It gives the face a perfect amount of coverage and glow that is needed for a college student.
  8. For those hiding under eye fatigue, Kajal is your best friend. It glams up every look and a makeup beginner can use this without any difficulty.
  9. Always tie up your hair into a messy bun or a high ponytail. This not only prevents hair damaging but also give a nice dimension to the face.
  10. Smelling good is most important of all. A good fragrance lifts up the mood also boosts the confidence. Choose long-lasting deodorants and apply them. It prolongs the smell of the perfume assuring a fresh day ahead.

Try these tips and voila college wardrobe and makeup are sorted completely. Enjoy the college life to the fullest!

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