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The best body lotions for beating that winter dry skin

Winter season has come on heavy with the cold and dry wind. Sadly, your skin is the first to feel its effect, so your first method of defence against that climate roughness is applying any body lotions that work.
But with your skin so cracked and dry, it seems that no ordinary body lotion will help it get better. You’re going to need lots of hydration for your skin to go back to its natural and smooth glowing state.
Sure, there are options for body lotions out there at your local markets and a ton of varieties that you probably had not even heard of. And at this point, you might also feel a little tired of the greasy feeling most of these lotions leave on your skin.
So, how can you know which one is ideal for enduring the rest of this bothersome winter?
Look no further. Here at the Aanya, we’ve left you a list of amazing body lotions for you to get and save your beautiful skin from the painful dryness of the winter season.

Biotique Bio Winter Cherry

body lotion
Containing pure winter cherry, musk root, and almond oil, this body lotion provides moisture and nutrients to your skin. It contains all-natural oils and has medium consistency, softening all the rough and dry patches by improving the elasticity, health, and vitality of the skin.

Lush Cosmetics Sympathy For The Skin Body Lotion

body lotion
This body lotion works to nurture and soften the skin, deeply fighting against dryness. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, such as bananas, cocoa butter, almond oil and vanilla, making it lightweight and perfect for dry skin.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

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Made from pure cocoa butter and Stratys 3™, this body lotion deeply moisturizes all top three layers of the skin’s surface without leaving that unpleasant greasy feel. It leaves your skin healthy, soft and glowing from the cocoa butter’s effect.

Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion

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It refreshes skin with the mix of menthol and cucumber, leaving a cooling sensation on your skin and a wonderful green tea scent. Its DeepCare Complex nourishes your skin, relieving dryness and absorbing quickly, making it feel soft and smooth to the touch.

Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion

body lotion
With active ingredients such as aloe vera juice, spiked ginger lily, and gandhapalashi, among others, this body lotion is ideal for all skin types and gives deep hydration while having anti-oxidant properties. It is enriching with pure herbal ingredients and doesn’t leave that uncomfortable greasy texture afterward.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisture

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Clinically proven as a therapeutic body lotion, it contains aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E and composition glycerine. It softens and smoothens skin by providing long-lasting hydration, perfect for dry and rough skin.
Winter will not be here for much longer, but in the meantime, these body lotions will be here to save your day. Your skin won’t need to keep suffering that rough and scaly dryness this climate provides because soon you’ll be able to get that nourished and smooth sensation you and your body have been craving for. 

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