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The Aanya : The super benefits of Argan oil

Using all-natural products seem to be what’s in fashion nowadays (not that it wasn’t decades before). And the use of different oils such as coconut (the favorite), is being highly recommended for almost every aspect of life, at least regarding health and beauty. The benefits of argan oil are many!
But what of argan oil? It’s pretty well known, right?
Argan oil has its own natural benefits that may vary from other oils. It comes from the Moroccan argan tree and is referred to as ‘liquid gold’ (cool, huh?). It carries many nutrients like vitamin E, linoleic acids, and omega fatty acids, and it’s rich in antioxidants which makes it incredibly nourishing. Though its effect will always depend on a person’s constitution, the benefits of using argan oil can be used for better skin and hair. Try argan oil and tell us if the benefits of argan oil make sense or not!
And here are some pointed out just for you:

Deep conditioning

Deep Conditioning, helps treat split ends and eliminate freeze. Unlike other oils, argan oil doesn’t leave hair greasy and absorbs easily. You can use it as a leave-in conditioner to intensify its benefits on your hair. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.


Shampooing, it serves as a key ingredient in shampoos by how it restores softness and strength to hair. For someone who has dry and brittle hair, or hair that has suffered from coloring and chemicals, it helps to heal the damage and restore its strength. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

Shampooing and argan oil

Argan oil is a key ingredient in many shampoos

Styling agent

Styling agent, with a few drops of oil combed into your strands, it makes hair shinier and easier to manage. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

Hair mask

Hair Mask, leaving it on your hair overnight maximizes its effects. It’ll help make hair look shinier and more voluminous. You only need to massage a larger amount of oil into your scalp, hair and ends. Then wrap it in a towel until the next day and wash it out. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

Skin moisturizer

Skin Moisturizer, hydrates and softens skin with the vitamin E and fatty acids it contains. It’s especially good for delicate skin and helps control oil production by balancing its sebum levels (the oily stuff that your skin produces). We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

For richer hai, combine, argan oil with your hair mask

Hair masks and argan oil have been combined for years!


Helps with Acne, because it won’t clog pores and soothes the affected skin to help its healing process. It’s good to use a few drops of argan oil on skin affected by acne twice a day, after cleansing and drying your skin. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

Anti ageing

Anti-aging serum, with the antioxidants it has, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles as it restores elasticity, making the skin look smoother and plumper. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.

Anti ageing and argan oil can't be helped!

Argan oil contributes to anti ageing

Body lotion

Body Lotion, you apply it onto wet skin while in the shower and let it be for a few minutes. After, just remove the excess while drying yourself with your towel. It will leave your skin soft and moisturized, with very little product left on it. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.


Improves Cuticles, you simply massage a small bit onto your nails for a few minutes. With time, your nails will become smoother, stronger and healthy. We hope you like the benefits of argan oil.
It leaves little question why argan oil is called ‘liquid gold’ and why it’s one of the most wanted natural products out there. Sure, it may be a little expensive if you wish to buy it in its purest form. This way it carries no chemicals or harmful additives that could have negative side effects.
But the effects the natural oil has, or even good products with added argan oil, are worthwhile and long lasting which make the investment a good one for your pocket and for yourself.

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