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Beauty gifts to give yourself on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day barely a month away, you want to make sure you’re going to receive some gifts on this special day of romance. If you have someone to receive them from in the first place, that is.
If not, it doesn’t have to matter that you’re single. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be over just because you haven’t found a special person to celebrate it with.
In any case, celebrate Valentine’s Day with yourself, the one person you should give love to more than anyone else, as well as the person you should show most that matters to you. So, who else deserves presents more? You, of course.
To celebrate this day of love, don’t deny the most important person in your life (you) some sweet beauty gifts you can give to her/ him. Go treat yourself as you deserve, with the heart-shaped chocolates as a bonus with any one of these gift ideas we’re giving out below:

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

bath bomb
The Lush company is well known for its healthy and cruelty-free organic products, and as such, they’ve created a bath bomb with the pure scent of rose. But not only that, when the bath bomb disintegrates in the water, actual rose petals are scattered all over it, creating a luxurious home spa effect.

The Body Shop Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil

Exfoliating might not always be fun, but feeling your skin silky smooth is one of the sweetest sensations there is. This scrub with Cupuaçu seed butter, soybean and sunflower oils will shoo away all dead skin and moisturize your body to the max.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Notorious

This liquid lipstick gives a velvety-matte and highly pigmented colour to your lips. With six added striking shades to their collection, the colours seem inspired on, and ideal for this day of love and romance.

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

bath oil
To indulge yourself at your in-home spa, get this bath oil with its alluring floral scent. It particularity comes from the seven distinct types of roses diffused for the bath oil, with honeycomb, clove, and musk that will leave your skin smelling intense and seductive.

LAFCO Black Pomegranate Candle

aroma candle
Kept within a feminine dusty rose glass, this candle carries a wonderful blend of pomegranate, cherry, and oakwood into the mix, leaving an addictively rich fruity scent that lasts for up to 90 hours of burn time.
Take up any one of these gifts, give them to your wonderful self and enjoy this Valentine’s Day without any pouting over being single. You will thank yourself for it and be the happiest and most indulged person on this famous day of romance.

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