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Banishing dark circles

Tired of the saggy bags under your eyes? Dark circles make your skin look dull and also make you appear older than you actually are. They can affect both men and women of any age. They also make you look tired and sickly. Dark circles though tough looking, are easy to remove.

Causes for dark circles

You can get dark circles due to a number of reasons. Not getting adequate sleep is one of the key reasons for developing dark circles. Sleep deprivation is the most well-known reason for dark circles. Even being perpetually tired can aggravate your dark circles.
Not drinking enough water can also lead to dark circles. Water helps to flush toxins out from your body. Hormonal fluctuations too can be blamed for developing dark circles. Some people have pale skin which can lead to superficial veins become visible.
The chemicals present in your makeup can irritate the skin under your eyes and make the blood vessels clearly visible. Spending long hours in front of a computer screen can also aggravate your dark circle.

How to prevent dark circles

Totally preventing dark circles is not possible but you can prevent them from developing. To protect your skin from dark circles you need to do the following:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Always step out in the sun with sunscreen
  • Get enough sleep

How to get rid of dark circles

Most remedies for dark circles involve concealing them by applying makeup. But that won’t remove your dark circles. We provide you with a holistic guide for getting rid of dark circles.
1.Almond oil
Being a source of vitamin E, rubbing almond oil under your eyes can easily cure your dark circles. It can lighten your dark circles and hydrate the skin under your eyes.
How to use this: Apply almond oil under your eyes and massage onto your skin. Let it stay overnight. You will find that your dark circles have lightened.
2.Coconut oil
This antioxidant packed oil acts as a potent anti inflammatory agent and can get rid of even the most stubborn dark circles and under eye bags.
How to use this: Mix coconut oil with fresh lemon juice. You can also add grated cucumber to the concoction. Let it stay for about 20-25 minutes before washing off with cold water.
3.Cucumber extract
Cucumbers have soothing properties that help to relieve the stress under your eyes and also remove dark circles. Cucumber juice can affect melanin production and thereby lighten your skin. You can even use it for skin discoloration. They also have mild astringent properties due to its chemical compounds: vitexin, orienting, and cucurbitacins.
How to use this: Slice a fresh cucumber and chill it. Apply the cucumber on your dark circles and rest for 10-15 minutes. Wash the area with cold water.
4.Tomato juice
Tomatoes have natural bleaching properties and can rid you of dark circles. Tomatoes also contain lycopene which is a phytochemical that can treat your dark circles. It protects your skin from damage due to toxins.
How to use: Obtain the juice of a fresh tomato and gently on your dark circles. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the area with cold water.
5.Aloe vera gel
The aloe vera plant is rightly called a magic plant. The gel of this plant is rich in antioxidants and it nourishes the skin under your eyes. Aloe vera also constricts the blood vessels and capillaries under your eyes. This helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.
How to use this: Pluck a leaf from the aloe vera plant. Slice it and obtain the gel. Gently massage onto your dark circles. Leave it on before stepping out in the sun.
6.Sandalwood and turmeric paste
This remedy is known for curing discolouration and alleviating your blemishes. It evens out your skin tone and nourishes it too. Sandalwood has skin soothing and turmeric has skin lightening properties. Turmeric will also protect you from infections.
How to use this: To sandalwood oil adds a little bit of turmeric powder paste. Mix thoroughly and gently apply under your eyes.
Regularly using these simple remedies can help you get rid of dark circles and make your eyes sparkle. Say goodbye to waking up in the morning and staring at your dark circles and get ready to have beautiful refreshed eyes!

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