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How to have bangs with curly hair

When speaking of curly hair, people don’t normally associate it with wearing bangs, right? Curls take time and investment, so trying to find ways to style bangs with curly hair is just another stressful and non-flattering problem for you.
But what if there was a way to style bangs into your beautiful curls? Sure, curly hair tends to coil up in a way that if you’re not careful with your cut, can make your bangs look funny as they go right up to your hairline. But knowing what style to wear your bangs with so that it flatters your face can be possible with just the right cut.
Having bangs and curls together is nothing new. But getting to know that right cut for you is just the first step to rocking cute bangs with your curls:

Have a curl-specialist cut your bangs

As a given, find a stylist that knows curly hair, or has curly hair himself/ herself so you can make sure that your locks are in good hands. Experience is necessary when trying out bangs with curly hair so look for a stylist who has that necessary experience and understands how to work with your hair texture.

Beware of humidity

Having curly hair immediately makes you aware of how humidity can bounce up your strands more than what you wanted or needed. So, when planning to get bangs, be aware of how the humidity works where you live and let your stylist know this, so he/ she can measure how long your bangs should be and how they can properly frame your face, so they won’t frizz unnecessarily when the lovely humidity comes along to try to ruin your hair game.

Cut the bangs dry

Having your bangs cut dry instead of wet will not leave you or your stylist guessing how they will look when out and about. It’s best to go about cutting your bangs knowing how your curls work in their natural state so there will be less chance of them shrinking and popping out like a non-cute curl crown around your hairline.

Avoid the razor, use scissors

curly hair bangs
Razor makes curly hair turn frizzy, and if you have denser curls, they can seem very solid and not soft. Scissors allow the curls to have an airy and light-looking feeling to them and allows the stylist to have better control in texturizing your bangs, adjusting their volume, and cutting their length so that they flatter your face.

Use the same products

With curly hair, the product you use must be very precise to have it help your hair look and feel beautiful. So, when your stylist uses certain products to help your curls and bangs, make sure you use the same ones too at home, so you can maintain those same salon results every day.

Good, curly bangs should mean ease for you

curly hair bangs
Having naturally curly hair means you should not stress so much about styling it, only taking care of it so it can act beautifully on its own. Same goes with bangs. You shouldn’t have to take out a flatiron because they don’t look good on your face, it should be the contrary. Good bangs on curly hair mean you should only have to use a small amount of the products you regularly use to style them and show them off, nothing more.
Using these tips won’t keep you nervous when you decide to add bangs to your already awesome curls. They don’t have to be scary in the first place for you to try them out. Just make sure your stylist knows what to do, that you will know how to manage them with the rest of your hair and then be ready to rock your curly bangs with sass.

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