Ayurveda benefits of sendha namak under preventive healthcare ways

Sendha Namak, Preventive Healthcare

Ayurveda benefits of sendha namak: Sendha namak also known as rock salt holds the Ayurvedic name called “saindhav lavana” is a mineral of sodium chloride. It is the purest form of salt. Sendha namak is rich in minerals and does not encourage health issues. There are so many benefits of sendha namak. This salt enhances the taste of any dish that uses it. It supplies minerals required by our body and enhances water absorption, maintains PH and helps stabilize blood pressure. Under preventive healthcare system rock salt is a great antioxidant.

Sendha Namak and its useful properties.

It is the healthiest form of salt. According to preventive healthcare system and Ayurveda, sendha namak help gets rid of digestion problems,  and burning sensations in the stomach improve appetite and remove gas. Apart from all these well-known benefits, it acts as a teeth whitener too. Is there anything it can’t do?
Sendha namak can be used as a body scrub, foot scrub, hand scrub; it exfoliates the skin and promotes that glow. Its mildness and diverse mineral content help to minimize the potential hazards of excess salt. It is very highly regarded in Ayurvedic tradition.

Benefits of Sendha Namak

1. It helps improves digestion

Sendha namak helps relieve stomach pain, You can add a few of it in lassi with fresh mint and it will work very effectively. Rock salt can also be used to cure stomach infections and detoxifying body from worms.

2. It boosts metabolism

Under preventive healthcare system, it also improves the overall functioning of your body and ultimately boosts the metabolism.

Boosts metabolism!

3. It helps keep blood pressure under control

Sendha namak is great to maintain a balance between high and low blood pressures. It is the best alternative for table salt, which contains high amounts of potassium, and is great for people with hypertension.

4. It boosts the immune system

It helps keep harmful bacteria away by killing it and helps kills the illnesses to improve your immune system and provides essential minerals.

5. It is great for weight loss

It reduces your urge for salt and activates insulin, which results in weight loss.

Weight loss by natural ways.

6. It promotes a healthy skin

Rock salt is a great way to cleanse your skin and unclog all the pores. Just mix a tablespoon of your rock salt with face wash or use it as a scrub and get great results.

7. It reduces stress

Rock salt helps relax the body and mind. It reduces and manages stress and anxiety. Take a salt bath by adding rock salt to your water, It will refresh you.

8. Use it to exfoliate

It helps get rid of those dead skin cells. And any dull and rough skin. Use it to exfoliate your skin and slow down aging effects.

Sendha namak helps in exfoliation greatly!

9. It promotes healthy hair

Sendha namak gets rid of dirt from your scalp, without harming your scalp. Just mix it in with your shampoo and rinse with cold water, get rid of any residues.

10. It promotes sleep

Rock salt regulates your sleep cycles and helps us to sleep better naturally.

As we have said, is there anything sendha namak can’t do? It’s a great alternative to the table salt and has no harms. Sendha namak benefits our body, skin, and manages to get balance in our life overall.  As it contains iodine, thus you can even use it on a daily basis under preventive healthcare system.

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  1. Is rock salt better than salt?

    Yes, in fact, due to its coarseness, rock salt is considered more natural and healthy.

  2. Can we eat rock salt daily?

    Most dietary guidelines suggest limiting your sodium intake to 1,500–2,300 mg per day.

  3. Is Himalayan salt same as rock salt?

    Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt but all rock salts are not Himalayan pink salt. The difference between the two is the mineral make up. 

  4. Is rock salt good for weight loss?

    Rock salt is found to be helpful in promoting digestion as well as improving loss of appetite. It is found that rock salt has the ability to stimulate insulin in the body that prevents sugar cravings. This can be of help in losing weight.

  5. Is rock salt good for skin?

    Rock salt is great for cleansing the skin and getting rid of clogged pores.

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