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Avoiding stress without the pressure

You’re about to enter exam season and already you can feel the pressure of succeeding the impending battle, all while avoiding stress from your professors, teachers, and, worst of all, your parents.
It’s never any good to feel that great wave of stress haunt you everywhere you go and every time you need to study. The pressure is already immense, what with your future being decided by how well your mark sheets are, if you pass the exam, and the belittling of your parents failing to support you during these challenging times.
It’s never any fun, and the risk of failure feels more like a risk of death which, for many, it sadly is.
This is the time to avoid that sensation. This is the moment you need to stop that fear of failing as if your whole life will be determined by marks instead of your actual capabilities. It may seem impossible but avoiding stress during exams is key to your success.
And even more than that, avoiding stress will help in your survival from this ridiculous pressure for exam taking.
Which is why, as a manner to help you deal with the mounting tension, we’re giving you simple tips on avoiding stress during this exam season and stop that outside pressure that you do not need for your success:

Schedule Your Study Time

Instead of dreading the moment in which you need to sit down and study for your exams, don’t avoid it and plan for it instead by scheduling your study time.

study time

Scheduling time for studying will help you deal with the pressure better.

Put aside some time during the day for an hour or two, depending on how much you think you need for studying and divide that time into shorter intervals for each subject. Do this every day for the duration of the school week and you’ll find yourself much more prepared with the general and steady intake of knowledge you’re going to need for exams.

Keep Yourself Healthy

It won’t do any good if you’re not eating well or exercising enough for your health. You won’t have enough energy to dedicate to your study time nor will the point of avoiding stress during exams pull through.
Maintain a healthy intake of food, not junk food, during the day. In the meantime, do simple activities that will give you energy and relieve your mind from the pressure, so you can concentrate on your studies later. Things like playing sports, riding your bike after school, or taking a walk around your neighbourhood will help to keep the blood flowing and your mood lighter for tackling your work.

eating healthy

Eating a good meal three times a day will give you that extra energy you need for studying.

And, as an added point, rest. The need for sleep cannot be stressed enough if you want to function well during the day and really take in the information that you need for your exams. Sleep the necessary 7-8 hours so you can relieve the weight of the pressure you’re currently facing and start again fresh the next day.

When Under Pressure, Let It Be Known

It won’t do any good to keep your worries under wraps. It will cloud your mind, bring your mood down, and cause you stress and fear over failing the dreaded exams.


Outside pressure does no good in preparing for exams.

When faced with a problem regarding outside pressure, let it be known. You can vent with your friends, but most of all, if the pressure is coming from your parents or teachers, let it be known to them. Most of the time they are not aware of the harm they are causing you as they add the pressure in “convincing” you not to fail. Speak out over what they’re doing to you, so you can receive some much-needed support during this stressful period.
Take these pieces of advice with you and apply them to your studying. You want to succeed in your exams, but you must be well enough to do them. Avoiding stress during these tough times is the best you can do to succeed, and taking care of your wellbeing is what you need for, rather than surviving, the exam season and succeeding at your best potential.

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