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Know the natural healing ways of keeping hair and skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun in 2020.

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Maintaining a skincare routine is very essential. But with a change in climate, you need to change your routine too. There is no season during which you can skip your skincare routine. When a season changes, the needs of your skin also change. Therefore, you can’t use the same skincare routine for different seasons. The summer season is quite harsh for your skin and hair. The harsh sunlight and high temperature lead to a lot of skin and hair problems. During such a situation, everyone takes special care of their skin and hair, for which they buy different skincare and haircare products which cost a lot of money.  However, in doing so they forget the real ways of keeping hair and skin safe in summer.
During summer your skin and hair need extra care and protection from the damage the summer can cause. There are some useful tips that can help in natural healing and keeping hair and skin safe from the summer sun. Some of these tips are:

Moisturize well

No matter what season or weather it is; your skin needs to be moisturized. Although in summers you can avoid heavy moisturizers instead go for a natural moisturizer. Even oily skin also requires a moisturizer. You can use Aloe Vera gel as a natural moisturizer that can treat sunburns natural healing and keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid wearing too much makeup

For keeping your skin safe during summers, avoid overdoing your make-up. Too much makeup tends to clog pores which in turn can cause acne or pimple breakouts. And because of the summer sweat, your makeup tends to fade away more quickly leaving you with a dull face. Also, as the chemical in cosmetic products can cause a lot of skin problems, it is advisable to use products that contain natural ingredients.

Drinking lots of water is a great natural way to keep hair and skin safe


Stay hydrated

It is definitely a top mantra to get naturally glowing skin. Water is very essential to keep your skin hydrated and give it a natural healthy look. It is also essential to maintain the skin pH level. For keeping skin and hair safe, never forget to drink enough water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day can solve many skin and hair problems. Moreover, it will prevent body dehydration too.

Hair damage can be prevented by avoiding styling tools


Avoid styling tools

Avoid using too much heat in your hair. The unhealthy heat exposure of your hair leads to rid of its natural shine and look. It can also lead to excessive breakage and hair fall. Exposing the hair to high temperatures degrees for just five minutes can cause a lot of harm to your hair. Thus, it is recommended to avoid flat ironing your hair to keep your hair healthy.

Use Natural Scrub to Remove Tan

During summers make sure you scrub on a regular basis. To make a natural scrub, take a teaspoon of milk to it add two spoons of oatmeal and two tablespoons of tomato juice, some orange pulp, and a few pinches of poppy seeds. Blend the mixture together until it forms a thick density like a face-pack. Apply it all over your face and neck, leave it for 15-20 minutes, and scrub it off while rinsing. It will brighten your skin tone and add a glow to your skin and help in natural healing.

Using a cap or hat is one of the best home remedies to keep hair safe


Use a hat

The best way to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun is to block exposure to the sun. Most hats provide 100% protection from the sun’s rays and can protect your hair from getting damaged under the sun. Excess sweat on the scalp can cause many hair problems and dandruff is much more common among all. So, wear a hat before stepping outside in summer.  

As it is said prevention is better than cure, these tips will help in natural healing keeping hair and skin safe from sun damage, and also ensure that you have good and healthy skin and hair throughout the summers.

  1. How can busy people work on their skincare routine? 

    Following a skincare routine is not difficult, you only need to follow the CTM routine which means cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. There are so many natural products through which you can get beautiful, glowing skin naturally at home. Cleanse your skin with a natural or homemade face wash, and apply a natural moisturizer such as Aloe vera gel and natural sunscreen to keep your skin protected from harmful rays of the sun.

  2. Do you need to moisturize oily skin?

    Yes, you need to moisturize for every skin type.  Moisturizer works wonder on our skin and even if you have oily skin it is advisable to use a chemical-free or oil-free moisturizer. This way you can avoid greasy and shiny-looking skin.  The main objective of using a moisturizer is to improve your skin’s texture and hydrate your skin.

  3. How to start an effective hair care routine? 

    To start your hair care routine you need to know your hair type. Learn to comb properly, avoid the use of harsh chemicals, trim it from time to time, and oil your hair regularly. This way you can keep your hair dandruff free and you can also get rid of split ends. Wash your hair thoroughly with a natural shampoo, there are numerous websites that offer natural hair care products and you can buy natural shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products. Wear a hat when going outside in the summers.

  4. How should I dry my hair? 

    Properly drying your hair is also important for healthy hair. Gently dry your hair with a towel after washing your hair. Use a micro-fiber towel as such a fabric will do the least damage to your hair. You should let your hair dry by itself, naturally. Try avoiding hair styling tools that require heat, like your regular straightener and curling iron as they tend to damage your tresses, making them weak and brittle.

  5. What are the best foods for hair growth?

    Foods that are rich in protein, biotin, Vitamin B, Vitamin B 12, and Vitamin E can prove to be very effective for healthy hair growth. One should include eggs (protein and biotin), leafy vegetables (iron), nuts and seeds (Omega 3 fatty acids), avocado (Vitamin E), and whole grains and meat (Vitamin B) in his diet. With a proper hair care routine and adding this food to your diet, you can get silky, shiny, and healthy hair.

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