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8 sexy long hairstyles for you to show off

You have tresses galore, length to spare but have no idea of what long hairstyle to do.
Normally, you would like to try something new for your hair, some fun look or a different way to tie up your hair since you’re tired of having it the same way every day. And it’s not like your hair isn’t beautiful as it is, but a little change never hurt anyone when it comes to showing off their looks.
Having long hair gives you a creative advantage for when you want to change your hairstyle for the sake of switching up an old look. Your canvas is “bigger” and you have more freedom to experiment with, making you feel a whole lot more fabulous with hair ready to show off to anybody.
So, having this in mind, here we give you 8 long hairstyles for you to try your creative prowess on and surprise whoever you want out on the street:

Pull-Through Braid

If doing braids is a little tricky for you, try out this simple pull-through style. With enough hair-bands, start by tying the hair at the crown into a small ponytail, then tie another one just beneath. From the top ponytail, separate the ends and, taking hair from both sides, make a third pony just below the second, leaving it sticking out from the middle of the new hair tied in the third row. Continue in this pattern until you reach the ends, then pull out the strands from the braid a bit to make it plumper and finish it.

Double-Dutch and a Bun

double dutch braids
If you’ve mastered the art of braiding, make two reverse French braids, called Dutch braids, on each side of your head, trailing down your scalp. When done, pull out hair to make the braids look messy and plumper, then roll them up into a thick bun at the nape of your neck, holding it in place with as many bobby-pins as you need.

Curly Hair Pin-Back

When curly hair is your natural state, take some good leave-in cream to bring out their natural shine and curl. Then start pinning at the back your bangs and the hair from the crown with bobby-pins, keeping your face free from runaway strands and your curls looking glamorous around you.

Braid Headband

For a bold long hairstyle, take a thick section of hair from the nape and braid it. Then wrap it around your head like a crown, pin it in place, hiding the end of the braid beneath your loose hair at the back, and you’re done!

French Braid Ponytail

french braid ponytail
For this long hairstyle, begin making a side French braid until you reach the top of your ear. Pull out the strands of the braid to make it slightly loose then tie it up with the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

Loop Around the Back

For a sweet looking long hairstyle, take two small section of hair from the front and loop them together at the back. Pin the loop in place with bobby pins and let the rest of the hair flow loosely down.

Crown French Braid

Separate a rectangular portion of the hair from your crown and tease it with a comb. Braid the hair into a French braid and tie up the end in a loose bun at the top.

Clean and Messy Ponytail

low ponytail
Make a low, tight ponytail at the nape of your neck, slicking the hairs back from the middle part. Then tease and backcomb your ponytail, using a texturizing spray for the hair to keep the volume.
Add these long hairstyles to your daily routine for an added fun to your look. Take one a day and experiment as you see fit with your hair, mixing up your style in a way that will leave you and everyone else loving your long locks.

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