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6 personalized healthcare makeup looks that are going out of style

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6 makeup looks that are going out of style: Beauty trends over the past few decades have been interesting. From the makeup looks to the hairstyles, the beauty world has seen a drastic change. In the 80s, you weren’t on trend with beauty unless your perm was big enough to stop traffic and you were covered in Love’s Baby Soft. In the ’90s, grunge was in, which meant pencil-thin brows, stringy hair, and lots of dark lipstick. The 2000s were a more girly, pop-princess phase for beauty. Then we hit 2010.  Every year we think that this year will be the one without any horrid moments or mistakes that have us looking back and saying: “What were we thinking?” And yet, here we are. What’s different about 2017 is that the runways and red carpets don’t solely dictate beauty trends anymore, although they’re obviously still important. Beauty bloggers with millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram massively influence the beauty world–sometimes shocking rather than inspiring. In 2017, many of the “beauty trends” weren’t really trends at all—they were simply out-there; ideas about how to do makeup, hair, and nails that bloggers knew had viral potential. We can’t think of a person who wouldn’t click on a link that says, “Nose Hair Extension Tutorial” out of pure curiosity. Most of the beauty trends of 2017 that had us talking were downright strange. These personalized healthcare beauty trends from 2017 make us thankful for Mama’s classic beauty advice. We’re happy to say adieu to these beauty blunders in 2017.

Holographic makeup

Personalize your makeup look

Also known as galaxy makeup, holographic makeup is all about flaunting iridescent shades of makeup on your face. The shades vary between green and purple depending on where the light is coming from. Naturally, there are oodles of glitter, shiny highlighters, and pearlescent lipsticks all over your face. Depending on the position of the light, the color of the makeup varies, usually between green and purple. Result? A surprising make-up that gives style and personality to our make-up … and that surfs the multi-colored trend, in the same spirit as the “unicorn” madness!

Nostril hair extensions

This trend started as a joke gone too far. They are most likely false eyelashes formed into a circle and stuck at the brink of each of her nostrils. They went viral. Of course, they did. While you read this post here, there are 124 hits for #NoseHairExtensions on Instagram. We’re all here together, now reading a thing titled “Nostril Hair Extensions Are the Newest Instagram Thing” and honestly, please burn it all down for personalized healthcare!

Aggressive contouring

Adds depth and drama

Believe it or not, contouring isn’t a new trend at all. French says, “Make-up artists have skillfully used contouring since the early days of Hollywood. It can subtlety sculpt a face to add depth & drama.” It’s the overdoing part that seems to be a trend that’s thankfully disappearing.

Overdrawn lips

Kylie Jenner may have introduced the overdrawing lip technique to a whole new generation, but believe us when we tell you: it’s an old-school trick. As far back as the 1920s and through the decades that followed, ladies were using liner pencils to create the illusion of fuller lips. Love your natural lips and define them as your best feature on the face.

Glitter roots

Glitter all the way

This past year has been Hunger Games; like the pursuit of which hair color technique will be the coolest, brightest, splashiest way to amp up your look. And with the end of 2015  approaching, we think we’ve finally found a winner. But before you deem glittery roots strictly appropriate for dance recitals or next year’s 90’s-themed Halloween party, the trend urges you to reconsider. The trick to its glittery greatness isn’t so much dunking that you load a sparkle onto your head and call it a day. It’s a precise application directly on the roots and spreads the glitter no more than an inch away from your part. Mix a chunky style of the glitter of your choice.

Squiggly eyebrows

Beauty bloggers and make-up artists have been showcasing “squiggle” eyebrows with their brows shaped in wavy lines, and fans aren’t sure what to make of it. The new trend has seen many influencers outline their curvy brows using bright colors to accentuate the unusual shape. A number of Instagrammers have tried to attempt the look, with many pairing the look with bright eyeshadow shades and colorful lips.
All these personalized healthcare makeup trends have been quite popular for their weirdness in 2017 but it’s high time they need to die. What do you think about it? Let us know if we missed any of your ‘not-so-favourite’ trends!

  1. What is the latest trend in makeup?

    Statement blush — and even over-blushing — is one of this season’s newest makeup trends. Brighter color choices, like bold peach and punchy pink, are taking center stage right now, and it’s easy to do at home.

  2. How do I keep up with makeup trends?

    The Internet is also a great resource for keeping up with beauty trends. Online, you may find posts from beauty bloggers as well as articles on trends on the websites of online magazines and newspapers. Another way to stay up to date on trends is to visit cosmetics shops.

  3. Is eyeliner still in style?

    Though things are slowly opening back up and face masks are coming down, the emphasis on eyeliner isn’t going anywhere. If anything, we’re seeing bolder, more expressive looks and—like many other beauty trends of the moment—a nod to the early aughts.

  4. Does eyeshadow age your eyes?

    You may adore it, but metallic eye shadow can really age you if your eyelids aren’t as taut as they once were — and, unfortunately, that’s just a natural part of aging. These fun shimmer shadows can enhance and draw attention to wrinkles and fine lines in this area.

  5. Which lipstick shade is most attractive?

    Nude lipstick is what makes you feel “prettier” and “more attractive.” While reds, purples, and browns can make for a fun pop of color, it’s not actually what most people gravitate to. The top five power shades are nude, light pink, berry red, dark pinks, and bright red.

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