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6 hair trends to follow this winter season

The winter season is in its midst as we enter 2018 and the question for all hair-lovers is: ‘what hair trends should I follow to start this new year right?’
Well, as the Fall/ Winter season collections have already come and gone, what we can take from them hair wise is some seriously cool and fun ways to play with your tresses. From simple hair preparations to hairstyles with a little more time invested to really pop out from the crowd, here we present to you 6 hair trends for you to try out in the cold winds:

Natural hair keeps winning

natural curls
With the growing movement and support for girls everywhere to embrace their natural curls, keeping them big and beautiful is a trend that keeps on going. Embracing natural kinky hair with good oils and keeping away any brush or comb is the thing to do with curly hair this season.

Buns galore

hair buns
Doubling on those ballerina buns on top of your head and keeping them messy makes any girl look cute and fun. Also leaving the underside of your hair loose while making some topknots on the crown gives your hair an even better touch.

Retro just keeps coming back

retro 40s look
The 40’s wave at the front is creating a stylish trend this winter. With a French Twist at the back and a roll at the front, this classic style gives an elegant touch to your winter wardrobe.

Romantic locks

romantic look
If you want to keep your hair casual yet with a sweet romantic feel to it, make a loose braid at the back and pull some pieces to the front. Make the bangs lose and curly to frame your face and you’ll find an effortless romance in your hair.

Ponytails will always be around

low ponytail
Pulling hair into low and loose ponytails will look simple and effortless on you. Tuck them into your coat or scarf and see your tied hair bounce around you, looking all nice and cozy.

Waves in the winter

beach waves
Classic beach waves are an easy and sweet style to have in the winter season. Keep your hair loose and undone around you and make yourself pretend that the summer heat is just around the corner.
The winter cold doesn’t have to stop you from being fashionable. Take your best styling products, add any of these hair trends to your beautiful locks and you’ll start to look forward to going out in the cold with your new on point hairstyle.

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