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15 best foot care products for you

Among one of the most neglected parts of the human body is the feet. We forget how our feet carry the entire body weight or how it tirelessly works for us round the clock. From running or walking to driving or swimming, our feet balance the body while we neglect it outright. Footcare becomes most important in this case.  Little do we think how our feet collect dirt/dust the entire day. All they need is a bit of attention. Excess sweating, non- cleanliness or leaving them uncared for, only makes them prone to dryness, dullness, roughness, bacterial or fungal infection.  We pay heed to feet when our problems become more prominent. When the cracks start paining or embarrassing us, it’s only then when we hunt for feet care products or remedies. Well, let us save the embarrassment for you. Here are few products to take good care of your feet:

1-    Daily foot creams

Since feet are exposed to sweat and several environmental stressors they need more than just moisture. Your daily moisturizer may not be the best ones of your feet since they do not penetrate in the hard soles. Always choose foot creams that moisturize deeply and promise soft skin. Daily use of foot creams would prevent cracks or damage. Here are few foot creams available in the market:

Himalaya footcare cream

 Enriched with honey, turmeric, fenugreek seeds and Sal tree extract, this repairs the cracked heels in one week. Skin is moisturized and turns soft and supple. Himalaya tops as one of the most trusted brands that offer pure herbal and safe products. Buy here

Khadi Herbal Foot Crack Cream

 Powered with Jasmine and green tea, this cream provides fast relief from aching heels and repairs cracks. Feet feel conditioned, moisturized and soft. This is 100% paraben free and the herbal formula is safe on skin. Buy here

Vedic line foot massage cream

 The formula contains sesame & eucalyptus oil along with methanol, which heals and protect from callous and corns. The cream revitalizes cells and tones up the muscles. Buy here

Oriflamefeet up overnight moisturizing foot cream

Oriflame has a great product portfolio with brilliant ingredients and cutting-edge science in the formula. Infused with natural extract of aloe vera and avocado, this foot cream softens skin. Apply overnight and soothe your tired feet. Buy here

Vaadi herbal foot cream

 Vaadi Herbals never fails to surprise us. Their foot soak comes with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sandalwood and clove oil in a supreme formula for super soft and moisturized feet. Clove oil disinfects your feet, cocoa butter and jojoba oil moisturize and sandalwood oil relaxes feet. Buy here

2- Foot scrubs

Since your feet get a large deposit of dead skin cells on a daily basis, you have to get rid of them to prevent infections, dullness, roughness or cracks. You can effectively remove dead cells by exfoliating or scrubbing. A pumice stone alone is not enough. You need good scrubs. Here is a list of some good foot scrubs in the Indian market:

Kama ayurveda foot scrub

 Dual action exfoliator and cleanser removes dead cells without making skin feel dry. Apricot shell scrubs away germs and dirt, tea tree oil heals infections, basil relieves soreness and chamomile soothe dry damaged skin. This scrub reduces tanning and refreshes exhausted feet. Buy here

Biocare foot scrub

 Biocare is a well-known personal care brand, especially in scrubs and massage creams. Suitable for all skin types and for both men & women, Bio Care Foot Scrub removes dry patches, cleans and nourishes skin.  You can use it twice a week.  Buy here

Nature’s essence walnut foot scrub

 Walnut is known as the most effective ingredient for scrubbing away dead skin cells. When a foot scrub comes infused with walnut, there is nothing like it. Nature’s Essence Walnut Scrub when massaged on feet, improves blood circulation and gets rids of accumulated dirt, dead cells, and germs. It also has rose oil which moisturizes feet well.  Buy here

Body herbals 1-minute foot scrub

 With good scrubs available in the market, you can do a pedicure at home. Body Herbals Foot Scrub lemon oil which is rich in vitamin-C that helps in skin lightening. Tea-Tree oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and Vitamin B3 that provides hydration and nourishment.  Volcanic rock granules help to slough rough callused skin. Buy here.

Revayur foot scrub

 Enriched with lavender oil, Revayur scrub is ideal for comforting feet and to give you a tranquil experience at home. It effectively removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and polishes skin. Buy here. 

3- Foot soak

You must soak your feet in warm water infused with natural ingredients. This eases the process of the pedicure, softens the hard callous, and removes germs or infection-causing bacteria. Soaks also help you get rid of smelly feet. Before pedicure or at home once a week, soaking your feet gives you a relaxed experience while relieving you of stress or anxiety. Here are few foot soaks recommended for you:

Vedic line foot soak with tea tree

 This one is a killer! You will find it to be a combination of moisturizer and essential oils which deodorizes and instantly removes dirt & grease. Just add 2 spoons of foot soak in warm water and sit back for 10 minutes. Buy here

Pure & nature himalayan crystal foot soak

 Enriched with Nilgiri Eucalyptus & Wild Mint, this bath salt is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This detoxifies your skin while soothing muscle aches. After a long tiring day, this is the best way to pamper yourself and treat your tired feet. Buy here

Tatha nature’s blessing foot soak

 For your feet to feel fresh and invigorated, use this foot soak from the brand Tatha. Made with herbal infusion, it relaxes your feet and also relieves you of muscle soreness or pain. Buy here

The body care lemon hand and foot spa soak

 We particularly love this one. The zesty lemon fragrance not only rejuvenates your feet but also refreshes your mind. There is a feel-good factor with lemon. This foot soak from The Body Care moisturizes skin with softening the hard nail cuticles. Contains glycerin to hydrate and nourish dry skin. You can use it for both hands and feet. Buy here

The best for the last!

SkinYoga marigold foot soak

 We saved the best for the last. Skin Yoga foot soak is a bot expensive but has no match in the market. It is formulated with marigold flowers which cools the body and brings down the heat. It is hence recommended for tiring summer days or if you are travel long distances. This also soothes and de-tans sunburnt feet. Coconut nourishes feet while sea salt removes dirt. Buy here  

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